Blog  MVP Monday: How to Publicize Your Event

MVP Monday: How to Publicize Your Event

Kayla McGraw is the NFTY Garden Empire Region Membership Vice President  and Joey Penn is the NFTY Northeast Membership and Financial Vice President.

Seven steps to increase membership at events –

Step 1: Pick a Theme

To begin publicizing the event, the first thing that needs to be done is picking a theme for the weekend. Make sure to choose a theme broad enough that it can encompass a wide variety of programming. The theme will be used to promote the event in creative ways!


Step 2: Release Video Promo

The first piece of promotion for the event should be a video. Releasing this video right as registration goes live is an exciting and eye-catching way to announce the next event. This video should include the theme of the event, event details, and how members can sign up. Though it should be informative, this is not an infomercial! These videos should be funny and inviting to new and current members. As soon as the video is released, have all board members, committee heads etc. share the video and like it, increasing the chance that other potential members will see it. Posting it on the regional facebook page or twitter will also help spread the word.


Step 3: Send Out an Email

Once the region begins watching the wonderful, creative video, tell them how to register! The TYG or Regional advisor should send out a very enthusiastic, clear, step-by-step email describing how members can go about the registration process. Also include shareable highlights of the event (it is okay to have some surprises saved up!). Providing exciting information will be even more incentive for the region’s members to want to come!


Step 4: Individual Reach Out

Reaching out to individual members of the region will be extremely encouraging. Whether they have not registered because they are forgetful or because they are a little bit hesitant about coming, a phone call, facebook message, or email from a leader will always help! Phone trees, or “facebook message trees” work perfectly for reaching out to individual members. Creating a google doc spreadsheet and having each leader in the region choose ten people to contact about registration being open provides an organized way not only for leaders to step up and help out, but for members to find out more information about the event. This will not only provide you with a better idea of who is coming (because people will register sooner) but also boost your membership numbers for that event!


Step 5: Push Week, PP&N or Other Viral Social Media
*This should happen right before Early Bird Registration ends!

A “push week” mostly entails using every type of advertising technique you can think of to get the word out about your event! In many regions, the board decides on a theme for each day of the week and creates hype about it among the region. Day 1 might be the day when everyone posts an old NFTY photo. Day 2 might be when everyone posts about a funny NFTY memory…. and so on. Of course, it is even more interesting when regions turn push week into a competition! Sometimes there will be prizes involved, depending on the number of posts, the funniest posts, etc. There are a multitude of approaches to take when it comes to a push week, and it is the board’s job to figure out which one best fits the members.


One approach that has become increasingly popular is what we like to call PP&N (Yes, this is a brand new acronym…maybe it will catch on!). The idea is to have a Prompt to give your regions’ members an idea of what they should be Posting, and then they will Nominate more people to post about the same topic! For example, for GER’s Fall Kallah, we had everyone post three reasons why they are excited for Fall Kallah and then nominate three people to do the same. This is the best way to, as we like to say in GER, “flood the feeds”. When one of your region’s members opens his or her facebook newsfeed, it should be flooded with these posts, and he or she should have a nomination if all goes well!

Step 6: Last Minute Registration Contest/Prize

Registration is almost over. The push week has ended and most members have signed up by now. However, don’t miss the opportunity to encourage the last few people who either forgot to sign up or kept putting it off. During the last two days of registration, publicize some sort of contest or prize for the next person to sign up. Include the final registration deadline in the posts! This will both inform people that they need to sign up immediately, as well as encourage the unsure to give it a try. Some of the most popular contests are ones having to do with regional merch. Posting “The next person to sign up for Fall Kallah will receive a free NFTY Northeast sweatshirt!” could be the difference between someone deciding to sign up then, or continue pushing it off until it’s too late. The most important piece of this step is to publicize that registration is about to close. Nothing gets people in motion like imminent deadlines.


Note: Be mindful about when the contest is posted. Posting at 10AM on a Tuesday may not be as successful as 8PM, when people are home and have some time to sign up.


Step 7: Create Continuation during Event

The final step of Event Publicizing is much less tangible than the rest, however it is of the utmost importance. This step is to create continuation during the event, meaning construct the event in a way in which it is not seen as just Fall Kallah or LTI, but a stop along the long journey of NFTY. When one attends an event, they should feel like they have just entered this journey in which they are encouraged to continue, not that they just spent a weekend away at some camp. Creating continuation through events can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but the easiest and most tangible way is to promote future events during events. If people are having a great time at Fall Kallah, remind them that the good times keep rolling at Winter Kallah, too! The key to this step is remembering that event publicizing never ends, even once registration for one event closes. A successful event is one in which new participants leave feeling like they became members of something bigger. Participants may go to a few events, members make it a point to attend as many as possible.


Bringing together creative and innovative publicizing tactics from NFTY-GER and NE provided us with a large amount of information and many different options to share with you. We invite you to communicate with one another to share useful and effective advertising techniques to help our regions have fun while also encouraging people to sign up for events. Networking with one another as well as partnering with your advisors is the best way to get the creativity flowing! Now that you’ve got the tools, go out and publicize!