Blog  MVP Monday: The Final #MVPM

MVP Monday: The Final #MVPM

After 18 amazing weeks, the MVP Monday era is coming to an end. With topics ranging from meaningful outreach to intentional programming, let’s look back to see all we’ve accomplished:


Week 1

This post took a look at NFTY’s history, dating all the way back to its start in 1939.

Week 2

Looking at our relationship with Netzer Olami, this post defined the importance of our role in the International Reform Jewish movement.

Week 3

It’s important to dive deep into the “how to’s” of creating a TYG in order to move our movement forward.

Week 4

This week continued to look at how to start and to evolve a TYG.

Week 5

The final MVP Monday post of the “How to Create a TYG” trio ended this week.

Week 6

This post delved further into NFTY’s TYG Starter Guide with a look into the Top 5 Leadership tips.

Week 7

Ever want to know how to create sufficient goals and actually keep track of them? This MVP Monday got super smart about it with SMART goals!

Week 8

This week wrapped up the TYG Starter Guide and marked the midway point in the MVP Monday era.

Week 9

Scott Rubenstein, the NFTY PVP, and I shared 18 different evening programs that could be done at any event other than a dance in this post.

Week 10

Brian Lenhard, the NFTY-SAR MVP, and Jordan Brown, the NFTY-STR MVP, explained how to not only get people to an event, but how to get them to the door.

Week 11

Sami Spencer, the NFTY-GER Central Recruitment Vice President, showcased her NFTY experience in this post.

Week 12

Sometimes, programs don’t really go how you think they will, and Steven Carini, the NFTY-OV MVP explained how he was able to work around those issues.

Week 13

What do you believe in? Matt Mandel, the NFTY-NAR NYC MVP, asked NFTY that very tough question in this post.

Week 14

Noah Clay, the NFTY-MV WMVP, and Jacob Gottlieb, the NFTY-NEL MVP, talked about different leadership opportunities in NFTY and how to get involved with them on a regional level.

Week 15

Joey Penn, the NFTY-NE MVP, and Kayla McGraw, the NFTY-GER MVP, crafted a step by step guide on how to publicize events.

Week 16

Sarah Rosemont, the NFTY-NW MVP, opened up about her NFTY journey, and talked about the importance of not only leading in front of a room, but also the importance of leading from your seat.

Week 17

Having experienced a wide range of different NFTY summer opportunities, Ari Gershon, the NFTY-CAR MVP, and Ari Elfenbein, the NFTY-NO MVP, provided a couple different ways to continue the NFTY experience throughout the summer.

Week 18

On the final day of NFTY Convention registration, Josh Halff, the NFTY-TOR MVP, talked about his experience at NFTY Convention 2013 and got everyone excited for NFTY Convention 2015 in February!


Over the past 18 weeks, countless hours of writing and editing were done to provide incredible posts for MVPs around the continent to use in order to grow their TYGs, themselves, and their regions.

Thank you for reading, NFTY. Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of membership, we as a movement will be able to continue to flourish. Though MVP Monday is coming to a close, there is still so much to do. We cannot stand by and wait, but we will take action in order to grow NFTY to it’s greatest potential. What I am asking from you is to stay inspired, do more for your TYGs than ever before, and never stop believing in the power of 10,000 Jewish teens.

So, thank you for reading, NFTY. Stay inspired, and see you in Atlanta!