Blog  NFTY-TOR: Winter Conclave Shmooze

NFTY-TOR: Winter Conclave Shmooze

This month, TOR’s enjoying its second TYG-hosted event of the year, Winter Conclave in Houston. Because events are even more special when a host TYG like BIFTY puts on an amazing event, the regional board remembered its favorite memories from Conclaves.


My favorite conclave memory was at at Winter Conclave three years ago in Fort Worth.  For the mixer, each group had to guess facts about each other to win money, which then was used to buy ingredients. Those ingredients were then blended together to make a smoothie and a few volunteers were tasked with going around and guessing which ingredients were in each smoothie. As rancid as the room smelled, it was quite an enjoyable experience watching our friends keep their stomachs down while drinking peanut butter, asparagus, and cheese.

Until next time,
Fred Traylor, NFTY-TOR President


Fall Conclave 2012 was only my second regional event. I hadn’t met too many people at Summer Kallah because it was so huge, but there were less than 100 people at Fall, perfect for making new friends. It was FREEZING and we had some activities outside, so we all huddled together to stay warm and bonded while doing so. Throughout the course of the event, I met more and more people, and by the end of the event, I had met tons of people, many of whom I’m still close with today.


Amanda Leventhal, NFTY-TOR PVP


My first NFTY event was actually Winter Conclave hosted by SHFTY. I was beyond nervous, not knowing what would come of the weekend; I didn’t know anyone which made it even more terrifying! I walked in the room to grab my stuff to go to my hist home, and my two roommates jumped at me and gave me the biggest hugs! They were so sweet and welcoming and make my weekend incredible. This conclave really set the tone of the rest of my (amazing) time in NFTY.


Sarah Kaplan, NFTY-TOR SAVP


I can’t pick one conclave experience that’s my absolute favorite, but I love conclaves in general because we have the opportunity to expand the NFTY-TOR community past just TORites. I’ve stayed with such nice host families who are always interested in what we do as a region and are kind enough to open their homes for a weekend so NFTY-TOR can bring our community into theirs. Also I’ve made lots of memories with friends at host homes eating late-night snacks, enjoying free time together, and overall having a blast.


Logan Kramer, NFTY-TOR RCVP


I think my best experience with a host family was Fall Conclave 2013. The family I stayed with was super nice; they were like a second set of parents. In addition, the TORites I roomed with made our down time awesome. This conclave was my last time staying with host families, and I just want to give a quick thank you to all those families that have hosted me or other TORites. Your efforts are much appreciated!
Josh Halff, NFTY-TOR MVP


My best conclave experience was one I helped plan. It was the best feeling in the world to watch something I cared about go from abstract idea to amazing reality. Helping SHFTY plan that Conclave made me want to run for Regional Board because I saw how much everyone loved the different Lion-King themed programming, from the Josh Nelson-led service to the program on loyalty. The whole experience of making something happen is the best memory I could ask for, but a close second would be having Evan Traylor, then TOR President, compliment my lame costume at the very first event I went to (Fall Conclave 2011, I think). I felt so included and important, and I ended up loving NFTY even more than I thought possible. So shout out to E-Tray.


Jason Taper, NFTY-TOR CVP


See y’all at Spring Kallah at GFC!


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