Blog  Arrival at NFTY Convention 2015!

Arrival at NFTY Convention 2015!


Teens register as they arrive at NFTY Convention 2015!

So maybe a red-eye flight wasn’t the best idea. While everyone was counting down and last-minute-packing, I sat in rush-hour traffic on my way to LAX. One 2 AM layover and two sleepless flights later, here I am! Finally!

I’m already running around the halls, teddy-bear backpack and Crazy Creek in tow. This is everything I could have hoped for. There’s all this space to explore and so many people to meet and things to do and WOW. NFTY has always been a special and holy place for me, but now it’s magnified to the infinite degree, being able to share this time with others.

But I’ve only just scratched the surface, met the handful of teens who’ve arrived, and I’m impatiently waiting for the rest of NFTY to arrive. I’m ready to lose my voice, dance until I plotz and grow closer to this community that means the world to me. Let’s go!

Dayna Samuels is a senior from NFTY-SoCal.


The anticipation for NFTY convention kept me alive, awake, and forever enthusiastic since 7 o’clock last night. I could barely sleep because of the constant page refreshing and facebook notifications. After bombarding my snapchat with pictures of my travel experience from home to the airport and, finally, to the Hunger Games hotel. The love in the air is all I plan on inhaling for the next five amazing, NFTY-filled days!

Rachel Dickinson is a sophomore from NFTY-MI. She represents Temple Beth El in Flint, Michigan.


Coming to Convention has been so far the best decision I have ever made in my life, and it hasn’t even officially started yet. When I went upstairs to the main hall, I was overcome with a wave of sound–the sound of Jewish teens everywhere reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and beginning the experience of a lifetime. I was swarmed with a crowd of people, eager to learn my name, my story, and everything to the last detail about me as we quickly cemented a bond that promises to last beyond a weekend, continuing over a lifetime. I have been introduced to representatives from AEPi, from NFTY in Israel, and from every other alphabet organization under Reform Judaism. This weekend is going to be one of learning, friendships, experiences. One of study, prayer, community-building. This weekend is going to be one of NFTY.

Zakary Kadish is a senior from NFTY-OV. He represents Rockdale Temple KK Bnai Israel in Cincinnati, Ohio.