Blog  NFTY Alum Makes It Big: Guster Lead Singer Ryan Miller and band Guster kick off NFTY Convention

NFTY Alum Makes It Big: Guster Lead Singer Ryan Miller and band Guster kick off NFTY Convention

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10991226_929065673794333_3607288246420076369_nJust before sunset and the beginning of our Shabbat celebration, NFTY welcomed the alternative rock band, Guster, to officially kick off Convention! With one hand on their phones, and the other waving in the air, teens danced and sang along to well-known Guster songs, like “Satellite” and “Two Points for Honesty.”
A group of Tufts University students formed the band Guster back in the early 1990s, and it just so happens that lead singer Ryan Miller, is a product of NFTY and the URJ camps. The band has been incredibly successful, recording seven albums. Ryan was profiled in the New Yorker magazine in January 2015.
Ryan was raised in Richardson, Texas, and attended URJ Greene Family Camp for 10 summers. A proud alumni, he still keeps in touch with GFC director Loui Dobin. When the band’s current tour had them in town on the opening night of the Convention, the cosmos aligned to make the performance possible. Throughout the concert, Ryan reflected to the crowd on his great memories and friends made at camp.
10968521_929065810460986_1391027713229627379_nThis is not Guster’s first time involved with NFTY Convention. Another member of the band, Adam Gardner, joined us in 2007 when he received the NFTY Social Action Award for his steadfast dedication to improving the environment. Gardner, who also plays in a band called The LeeVees (made up of five Jewish men dedicated to revolutionizing the Hanukkah song genre), works to help musicians create environmentally conscious concerts by reducing their carbon footprint.
Even with a tight schedule for his band, Ryan stuck around after the show and our very own NFTY-ite, Ian Roozrokh, had the opportunity to interview Guster! We must say, he would make a great journalist.
When it was time to leave, our staff told Ryan there would be a car waiting to pick him up. Who was driving that car? His camp friend. There really are no friends like camp friends—even for rock stars.