Blog  NFTY Competitions Winners Announced at NFTY Convention

NFTY Competitions Winners Announced at NFTY Convention

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At NFTY Convention last week, the winners of the NFTY Competitions were presented throughout the weekend. Below are the winners of each of the five categories. Be sure to wish them a hearty Mazal Tov, as well as to experience each piece!


Logan KramerLogan Kramer won the Wendy Blickstein Memorial D’var Torah Competition with her d’var “Extending NFTY’s Tabernacle“. The competition was established in memory of Wendy Blickstein, a former member of NFTY’s Mid-Atlantic Region whose years were cut far too short because of cancer. In her memory, the Blickstein family established this competition for aspiring teen writers to share their words of Torah with our NFTY Convention community and beyond. Logan is from NFTY Texas Oklahoma Region.

Shayna Lowenstein is the winner of the Women of Reform Judaism’s Centennial Essay Competition with her essay “One.” WRJ established this contest in honor of their Centennial celebration, asking teens to write about the influence of women’s leadership in Reform congregations. Shayna is a member of NFTY Pennsylvania Area Region. Her work will be featured in the URJ online publications.

Helaine Bach won the NFTY Visual Art Competition, created because NFTY recognizes that we all express ourselves in different ways – some use words, some use music, others use art. This contest celebrates those who see the world with artists’ eyes, whether using photography, drawing, painting or sculpture. Helaine is from NFTY Southwest. Her winning piece, titled “Elemental Religion,” will be featured on the cover of the WRJ calendar.


Leah Monack won the Video Competition, with her film titled “The Magic Box.” In reference to her piece, Leah wrote “This film shows the impact that NFTY can have on the lives of Jewish teens. NFTY can bring community and acceptance to those who may not be able to find that elsewhere.”

Kate York 
from NFTY- Mid Atlantic Region won the Anselm Rothschild Memorial Song Competition with her submission, “Shaalu Shalom”.  NFTY Convention participants were honored to have Kate perform her winning song at NFTY Convention.