Blog  NFTY-TOR: Shmooze Spring Kallah

NFTY-TOR: Shmooze Spring Kallah

For our last event of the year, the TOR Board wants to talk about something simple: what do we hope NFTY looks like in the future, and what are our goals for it? With 2/3 of the board graduating, it’s an amazing reflection and way to say thank you to NFTY for an amazing experience.


As it comes time for our seniors to depart, I have several goals for the future. By the time our current juniors leave in a year, I hope that they leave NFTY with the satisfaction that they made a difference in the world. As our sophomores graduate, I hope that they remember that NFTY will always be their home. As our freshmen leave,  I hope that they never forget what they learned in NFTY. As for our newest NFTYites, the 8th graders, I hope that they treasure their next four years and make them the best of their lives. I don’t know where NFTY will be in five years, ten years, thirty years, or at its 150th, but I hope that it will impact, inspire, and engage man more Jewish teens.

שבילים שמחים לך עד שנפגש שוב.

(Happy trails to you until we meet again) Fred Traylor, Your 2014-2015 NFTY-TOR President


When I get on my Twitter feed in the future and see the NFTY accounts I never unfollowed, I want to see that NFTY is still doing what makes it NFTY. I want to see NFTY keep striving for justice, tzedek. I want to see NFTY continue fighting for equality and peace and change. But most importantly, I want to see NFTY always working toward creating a safe, inclusive environment that people can call home. It’s been an honor serving as your 2014-2015 NFTY-TOR PVP, and as cliché as it is, I’ll Never Forget These Years.

With utmost love,



I strongly believe TOR’s future is brighter than the sun. This region was born and bred to stand out. In the years to come, I hope that NFTY-TOR will increase its participation in North American-wide events and summer programs. I also hope that the region will continue to make huge impacts on causes important to them, inspiring others to stand behind something they’re passionate about. NFTY-TOR is the best region out there, and everyone’s gonna know it 🙂

Sarah Kaplan

NFTY-TOR Social Action Vice President


I have so many goals for NFTY in the future that I could never fit them into a short blurb for the Shmooze, but I’ll try my best to wrap up all of my goals into one: My main goal for NFTY is that it continues to serve as a welcoming and accepting kehilah kedoshah that adapts to the times to best serve the teens who have the honor of calling themselves NFTYites. One of the things that I find most inspiring about NFTY is how NFTY is (and always has been) on the forefront of important issues such as Soviet Jewry in the 1980s and LGBTQIA inclusion today. I hope that in the future NFTY continues to tackle issues such as these to keep our youth movement strong and meaningful throughout the years.

Logan Kramer

5774-75 NFTY-TOR Religious & Cultural Vice President


As I leave my last NFTY event ever (as a participant), I’m both sad and satisfied. I will miss NFTY terribly. NFTY has been the best part about the best four years of my life, and it’s going to be hard learning to live without it. At the same time, however, I’m satisfied. I’m feel like I’ve made a positive impact on my TYG, and on our wonderful region. I hope I’ve inspired the next generation of leaders, and I feel confident leaving our region in the hands of the new board. My younger brother is currently finishing up sixth grade, and by the time he joins NFTY, I feel certain that TOR will be (impossibly) and even more wonderful and welcoming place than it is now. NFTY has been a gift to me, and it’s an honor to pass it on to the next generation. Though I may be leaving, one thing is for sure: I will truly Never Forget These Years.

Thank you, NFTY-TOR, for being the best community an MVP, nay, a person, could ever ask for. I love you all dearly.

-Josh Halff, 2014-2015 NFTY-TOR MVP



From the very first TYG event I went to, to the life-changing experience of Kutz, to today, NFTY has made my life better in every way imaginable. Just this past month, I saw my little sister go to her first NFTY 6/7/8 event and love it. So for her NFTY, for the future through her, I want NFTY to continue striving in everything. This year our board questioned everything we did. I hope her generation of NFTYites continues to not accept “because we’ve always done it that way” as an answer. I hope her NFTY community becomes even more inclusive, welcoming, and loving than ours is. I hope her NFTY friends are ones that last her the rest of her life. I hope NFTY continues to be on the cutting edge of advocating for marginalized groups, so she can be exposed to the amazing feeling of not just tolerance but acceptance. In short, I hope her NFTY is everything mine is/was, only more of it. I’m very proud to say that I think NFTY is in a place to make those hopes real.

With everlasting gratitude,

Jason Taper,

5774-5775 NFTY-TOR Communications Vice President


And to anyone reading this- thanks for making NFTY the amazing experience it is today. Go forth and make it even better.