Blog  The 10 Commandments of PARticipation

The 10 Commandments of PARticipation

Written by: Mikey Pliskin, NFTY-PAR PVP

During NFTY-PAR’s Summer Leadership Kallah, the PAR Board ran workshops for PARticipants. These workshops consisted of what we, the PAR Board, felt were important skills to have when in a leadership role. They ranged from learning about the effects of social media to learning how to fundraise and create merchandise to learning about SWOT analysis and how to asses a TYG.

My workshop was about participation in programming. I believe that the best leaders are also the best participants, because they actively engage and are able to lead a great discussion. In my workshop, participants learned what type of learner they are (i.e. visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) by taking a mini quiz after learning about dogs in those 3 ways. It was incredible to see them find the connection between the silly activities we were doing and the point of the program. At the end, I had participants create “The 10 Commandments of PARticipation”. This is what they came up with…

  1. Listen
  2. Be responsible for knowing what to do
  3. Have an appropriate attitude
  4. Be open-minded to situations you’re in
  5. Find ways to have fun with it
  6. Be respectful of other people’s opinions
  7. Adapt yourself and your learning style
  8. Express your thoughts
  9. Ask questions
  10. Smile and be positive

I thoroughly loved running my workshop because I got to see everyone have fun and come together in the end to create these wonderful standards that I hope they will follow. Programs can only be successful if there are people willing to participate to the best of their abilities. After running this workshop I feel even more confident that NFTY-PAR has the best PARticipants who follow all 10 Commandments of PARticipation!