Blog  Updates from the NFTY President at the World Zionist Congress Meeting

Updates from the NFTY President at the World Zionist Congress Meeting

By Jeremy Cronig, NFTY President

From October 15-23, I will be traveling to Israel to participate in the World Zionist Congress (WZC) meeting in Jerusalem. I will serve as a delegate of ARZENU (International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists) representing worldwide progressive Jewry.

Known as “The Parliament of the Jewish people”, this will be the 37th meeting of the WZC, which meets every five years.

In this upcoming WZC conference, 500 delegates representing the Jewish people worldwide will debate important issues confronting the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Resolutions are presented, debated and voted upon on many current and relevant issues.

For more information about the process by which the delegates are chosen, please see this great blog by Rabbi John Rosove:

This is an incredibly important time in Israel’s history. I am attending to hopefully ensure the future of an Israel that reflects our Judaism: one of pluralism, acceptance, justice and equality.

I will be recording a daily video blog about the experience at the conference and Israel. Check back here each day to find the new video! Feel free to contact me to ask questions about my experience at