Blog  Gun Violence Prevention Rewind: The Year in Review

Gun Violence Prevention Rewind: The Year in Review

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By Taylor Gleeson, NFTY Social Action Vice President

In NFTY, these words have become especially abundant. You might have heard them online, at your regional events, through your congregations, or maybe all of the above.  In the last year NFTY has taken on this issue in full force, determined to work towards bringing an end to such a devastating problem. Nearly every region has acknowledged and supported NFTY’s #NotOneMore campaign through regional tracks, programming, social media advocacy, community engagement, fundraising, and more. And as much as we hear, say, and interact with “GVP” on sometimes even a daily basis, sometimes it become essential to revisit and understand exactly what it is that we’re advocating for and dealing with. Not just NFTYites, it’s important that friends, parents, educators, Rabbis, and other passionate individuals to understand why this is an issue to care about and fight for.

There is still a large stigma in our country associated with GVP as people who don’t fully understand what it is lump it entirely with “gun control”, pulling it down and burying it in the perpetual political debate. Because the thing is, sure, there are people who are “pro-gun”, but as you will hear repetitively, no one is really pro-gun violence.

This GVP rewind video is meant to break everything down so that anyone and everyone can understand the campaign. Looking at how gun violence prevention became a movement priority for NFTY, explaining what gun violence prevention actually is, and reviewing what NFTY has done in our campaign brings everyone to the same level. This way, we can move forward into 2016 collectively as a movement ready to take on this year where hopefully, 33,000 people won’t have to die as a result of this preventable issue.