Blog  NFTY’s Year In Review 2015-16

NFTY’s Year In Review 2015-16

These are just a few examples of how each teen in NFTY is being guided to find their inner voice and encouraged by a Reform Jewish world view to be responsible to themselves and to each other.

Real Opportunities to Make a Difference

This year alone our teens collectively took part in more than 120,000 hours of service. NFTY renewed its commitment to social justice in close collaboration with the Reform Movement’s Religious Action Center (RAC) in Washington, DC. NFTYites pushed hard for gun violence prevention. Their hard work paid off when President Obama announced his executive order for stronger gun violence prevention laws. NFTY knows there is more to do and partnered with Everytown for Gun Safety in the Wear Orange Day on June 2nd. DONATE NOW


Social Justice and Leadership in Action

Teens raised money, volunteered as staff and ran spring mitzvah camp experiences across the country.  These specials weekend-long events provide marginalized youth free camp experiences that truly unlock their potential.  Camp Jenny, is a powerful program for inner-city youth from Atlanta, based at URJ Camp Coleman; Dream Street in partnership with URJ Jacobs Camp, serves campers from the south with cerebral palsy and spina bifida; the NFTY Missouri Valley region partners with Camp Rainbow  to work with campers undergoing treatment for, and survivors of, cancer and other blood related diseases and disorders; Camp CAR at OSRUI provides inner-city youth from Chicago an amazing weekend of fun and learning; and the NFTY Southwest region partners with Camp Swift to support inner-city and underprivileged youth. Each of these camps, run by our teens, helps less fortunate young people find an oasis of growth and happiness. DONATE NOW


Inclusivity Is a Hallmark

NFTY teens, with great pride and celebration, supported the unanimously adopted URJ resolution on the rights of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals by welcoming transgender young people into their communities. Teens in our NFTY Southern Area Region and Mid-Atlantic Region took action to pressure the governor of North Carolina to repeal the law that discriminates against transgender people. DONATE NOW


Increased Options for Younger Adolescents

Across North America, we saw a huge increase in 6th, 7th and 8th graders attending NFTY 678 events. These events were customized for a younger audience and provided a taste of the power of NFTY with mentoring from older teens. We are already seeing younger teens get involved in more follow up programming as a result of NFTY 678 and our partnerships with participating congregations. DONATE NOW


Diversified and Expanded Programming

Each region is working hard to insure varied programming is available to meet the interests of teens. With the generous support of an anonymous donor, nine communities within the NFTY movement have piloted regular, creative intergenerational programming joining senior citizens and teens through the Better Together initiative.  Older members of our communities are reminded of young people’s power as teachers and mentors. DONATE NOW


Finally, stay tuned for news later this summer about NFTY Convention 2017, taking place in Chicago this coming February. This year, it will be bigger and more dynamic thanks to the involvement of our NFTY Convention Fellows. These teen leaders who were selected from across North America are playing vital roles in the planning and implementation of every element at Convention.

More has happened across North America than we have room to share here. We just wanted to highlight how each child in NFTY is being guided to find their inner voice and encouraged by a Reform Jewish world view to be responsible to themselves and to each other. We are grateful to have had the chance to partner with your child this year and are so appreciative for your support.