Blog  7 Reasons Why NFTY Convention is the Event of the Year

7 Reasons Why NFTY Convention is the Event of the Year

By Molly Fidlow, NFTY Convention 2017 Fellow

Every year we look forward to NFTY events. We get to see our friends again, participate in cool activities and most of all, learn about Judaism. This year however, is special. We get to add one more NFTY event to our calendar than usual: NFTY Convention. As we approach early bird registration i’d like to present you with 7 reasons why NFTY Convention is the event of the year:

  1. It’s taking place in Chicago

…And we all know Chicago has the BEST city skyline…


…I mean come on…

  1. NFTY is like camp away from camp. Imagine that 10x!!!

…There is real life and then there’s NFTY…


  1. No matter what your interests are, there will be something for YOU

…This convention you will be able to choose your own path. Oooh mysterious…


  1. You get to meet new people from all over the country

…we’re all in this together…


  1. Everyone here is Jewish!

…So when you’re not home and you’re somewhere kind of “new-ish”…


  1. NFTY Convention only happens every 2 years

…Now’s your chance…


  1. A lot of the planning this year is being done by some amazing teens

…yay teen leadership!…



Registration for NFTY Convention 2017 is now open! We would love to have you join us in Chicago during the weekend of February 17-20, 2017. To find out more information about NFTY Convention or to register, go to

Register Now for NFTY Convention!

  • Lisa Nudelman

    where do I find places to look for scholarships for convention? I have signed my daughter up but need help paying for it
    Lisa Nudelman