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How Much Do You Know?


How much do you know about racial justice in America?  We can’t act if we don’t know the facts.


Take the Repair the World Racial Justice Quiz and learn some key facts around racial justice.

  • leora greene

    This quiz was super interesting!! There are lot of issues that are talked about on a common basis, but it is more rare that we become educated on statistics other than the ones we hear on TV. With this resource, we’re able to learn more about particular subcategories of racial injustice and can give us a stepping point to make change and fix it!

  • Olivia Weiss

    This action is quick and super important. In order to be the most effective allies and advocates for racial justice, it is important to acknowledge our own ignorance and hold ourselves accountable for being well-informed. No matter what you score on this quiz, it does not matter. You have already learned 11 new statistics just by taking the five minutes to complete the quiz. Keep these statistics in mind, take them to heart, and allow the questions you still have to motivate you! Don’t stop here! This is a fantastic first step, but keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to try other actions on the website!