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Change Your Preferences


Facebook curates which posts show up in your News Feed using algorithms that identify what you’re most likely to be interested in. This means that you’re likely seeing articles, videos, and status updates from a network that shares your belief system and world view.


You can override the algorithm by telling Facebook what you want to see in your News Feed! This is a great opportunity to have different voices and perspectives readily available to you.

First, be sure to follow some great thinkers and writers of color, and pages that highlight them. Some good options to get started are: The National Museum of African American History and Culture, Black Lives Matter, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Baratunde Thurston, Alicia Garza, and April Aviva Baskin. (Tip: You can “follow” someone without requesting to add them as a friend.)

Then follow these steps to edit your News Feed preferences:

  1. Hover over the “News Feed” button on the top left of your page, and click the three dots that appear to the right. A drop-down menu will appear, and you’ll click “Edit Preferences.”
  2. A “Preferences” window will pop up, and you’ll select the first option, “Prioritize who to see first.”
  3. Go ahead and select the pages and people who you want to prioritize!


Find some great pages and people to follow? Let us know in the comments, then repost them to spread their perspective to your networks. Invite your friends to follow them, too.