Blog  NFTY Alumni: Here’s How to Start Connecting!

NFTY Alumni: Here’s How to Start Connecting!

By Evan Traylor

Think back to your days in high school. Who were your friends? What did you do on the weekends? How were your grades? All of these questions (except for this last one) bring me back to my time in NFTY, the Reform Jewish youth movement. Whether it was going out of town for a regional event, planning local events at my synagogue, or getting ready for an awesome summer at Jewish summer camp, my NFTY community made me who I am today.

Amidst all of the excitement of 1,000 teens being together in Chicago for NFTY Convention 2017, dozens of NFTY alums also made their way back home to their NFTY community for a variety of events.

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