Blog  NFTY Continues Standing Against Gun Violence – Wear Orange Day 2017

NFTY Continues Standing Against Gun Violence – Wear Orange Day 2017

As we approach the third annual Gun Violence Awareness Day in the United States, NFTY will once again be “Wearing Orange” on June 2nd. Two years ago, NFTY, the Religious Action Center (RAC), and the URJ became founding partners of Everytown for Gun Safety’s “Wear Orange Day”. This special day, June 2nd, has become an important day when people across the country, including politicians, celebrities, sports teams, and thousands of members of the Reform Jewish Movement, take actions big and small to fight gun violence in the United States.

Over the past two years, NFTY has accomplished so much in our ongoing goal to raise awareness about and prevent gun violence. For two years, we have run programming in all of our NFTY regions, devoted to educating our membership, lobbied Congress to support universal background checks, wrote letters to local elected officials about local laws, fundraised for national gun violence prevention organizations, and pressured President Obama into taking executive action on this issue last January. Despite all that we have learned, taught, and accomplished, we know that there is still an immeasurable amount of work left to be done. Though we have engaged in other social justice priorities this year, we remain committed to pursuing gun violence prevention efforts. In the spirit of all that we have done and still strive to do in our campaign against gun violence, NFTY will once again take action on June 2nd.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 20 minutes, a Shabbat evening, or a full weekend to commit to taking action, we have the right action-step for you. Opportunities range from showing support on social media, to calling your senators and representatives, to hosting a gun violence prevention themed service, to attending one of Everytown for Gun Safety’s events in your local area. Be sure to check out for more information about what YOU can do.

To show your support and #WearOrange, change your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures using Everytown for Gun Safety’s filter and urge your friends to as well. Also, on June 2nd, join us in posting on social media about why you are wearing orange, using the hashtags #NFTY and #WearOrange.

This year in our country, over 30,000 Americans will die as a result of gun violence. We will not accept this reality — NFTY and the Reform Movement have said that enough is enough. We hope that you will stand with our movement and our country on June 2nd as we fiercely say: #NotOneMore

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