Blog  Let’s Commit to Ending Sexual Violence

Let’s Commit to Ending Sexual Violence

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Since 2001, April has been recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). This year, the Reform movement has asserted its position as a leader in sexual violence prevention work with the unanimous passing of NFTY’s Resolution Affirming [Our] Stance on Preventing Sexual Violence and the URJ’s Resolution on Student on Student Sexual Violence in Schools (co-sponsored by NFTY). As part of the Resolution Affirming NFTY’s Stance on Preventing Sexual Violence, the Reform Jewish Youth Movement “formally recognizes and pledges to take action and educate about sexual violence during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.”

We come together as a movement this month to make a statement. Reform Jews stand up to sexual violence. We do not tolerate it in our community, and we actively work to combat it in our world. With this sentiment, NFTY is proud to announce the launch of our April Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign. Each week of this month will be dedicated to looking at this issue through a different lens.

This first week is dedicated to Knowing the Issue. We will be focusing on terminology and consent through our consent toolkit on the Sexual Violence Prevention page of our website, as well as helpful resources and programs you can bring to your community. Week 2 focuses on Tackling Student on Student Sexual Violence. During this week, we will be amplifying the voices of our participants through blog posts and D’varim. The third week of our campaign addresses Sexual Violence Prevention as a Jewish Issue through programs and teachings. We will close out the month with a powerful message in week 4, when we will highlight how to Join the right side of history. The final week of our campaign will culminate with content on social and political movements throughout history, and the lessons we can take from them to strengthen our efforts.

All of the content for this month’s efforts has been created by NFTY’s own Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force, which is comprised of teens from across North America and co-led by NFTY-STR Social Action Vice President Zoe Terner and NFTY-SOCAL President Asher Bank.

Our movement may be highlighting this issue with the rest of our nation in April, but our work does not end when the month does. As Reform Jews and as human beings, we must maintain our commitment to seeing an end to sexual violence. Let this month be a moment for us to remind ourselves why this issue is a priority, and why it must continue to be long after April ends. Join the campaign at