Blog  Apply to Be on the 5779 NFTY North American Cabinet

Apply to Be on the 5779 NFTY North American Cabinet

Interested in being more involved in North American work? Want to help guide NFTY’s priorities? Then join us and apply for North American Cabinet for the 5779 year!

As our NFTY year starts to ramp up we are excited to announce that North American Cabinet applications are open! Come take the next step in your NFTY journey and play an important role in shaping NFTY this year. Below you can find information about all of our committees.

If you have any questions please reach out to Lila Greene, NFTY President, at


(Applications are due by November 5th at 9:00 pm EST)


Committee Descriptions

Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF)

  • Description: Environmental Justice… What the heck does that mean? The Environmental Justice task force is committed to evolving NFTY into a more environmentally-conscious community. Whether it be the stacks of programs printed at every event or the plastic cups used at each meal, there are so many ways in which NFTY can improve! This task force will be committed to creating resources for each region as well as working directly with all regional Social Action Vice Presidents (SAVPs) to ensure that the North American commitment to be environmentally informed is carried out through all branches of NFTY. Any NFTYite who is interested in transforming NFTY into a more environmentally conscious place is encouraged to apply.
  • Chair(s): NFTY Membership Vice President (MVP), Ione Heigham and NFTY Communications Vice President (CVP), Nobie Fried

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force (GVPTF)

  • Description: This year’s GVP will focus on furthering and enhancing the Reform Movement’s efforts on gun violence prevention advocacy. Through creating and participating in civic engagement campaigns, working alongside institutional partners like Everytown USA and March for our Lives, and directly lobbying for specific pieces of common-sense gun reform legislation, members will actively work to improve the world around them. Members should be passionate, committed, and prepared to create change on both the local and national levels.
  • Chair(s): NFTY SAVP, Zoe Terner and a Teen Partner

Inclusion Committee (IC)

  • Description: Join NFTYs Inclusion Committee! Whether it be through political inclusion, disability inclusion, or so many other categories, NFTY is always trying to become a more inclusive place. The goal of the committee is to create resources and set tangible tasks for each regional board to implement and use to better NFTY. All NFTYites who have an interest in inclusion are encouraged to apply.
  • Chair(s): NFTY SAVP, Zoe Terner and NFTY MVP, Ione Heigham

Israel Engagement Committee (IEC)

  • Description: Join NFTY’s Israel Engagement Committee, which will focus on reimagining NFTY’s engagement with Israel so that NFTYites can better appreciate and understand contemporary Israel’s achievements and challenges. The committee will work to develop an Israel curriculum that can offer education based on multiple perspectives, and platforms upon which teens can learn to engage in Israel-based discussion and take ownership of their relationships with Israel. Committee members will explore how NFTYites can better engage with Israel and create new resources that can support regions in Israel education and discussion.
  • Chair(s): NFTY Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP), Garrett Layton and NFTY President, Lila Greene

Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF)

  • Description: This task force is designed with the intention to re-launch NFTY’s racial justice campaign. Success will be defined by participant engagement with programs and resources created and facilitated by the task force, as well as the local and regional implementation of programs and initiatives relating to racial justice.
  • Chair(s): NFTY Programming Vice President (PVP), Marissa Klass and NFTY SAVP, Zoe Terner

Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force (SVPTF)

  • Description: Continuing as the second year of NFTY’s sexual violence prevention campaign, this year’s task force will work to look inwards on NFTY’s own policies and community, as well as addressing larger national sexual assault policies and legislation. Places of focus will include incorporating the newly-updated Brit Kehillah into NFTY’s regional culture, creating and running the April Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign, exploring sex education within NFTY, and working to update NFTY’s internal sexual assault policies.
  • Chair(s): NFTY SAVP, Zoe Terner and a Teen Partner