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To be a NFTYite means being a leader.
To be a NFTYite means pushing our movement forward.
To be a NFTYite means coming together in difficult moments.
To be a NFTYite, means remembering where you came from so you know where you are going.
To be an Alum of NFTY means to be a NFTYite for life.
You are forever a NFTYite, and we need your voice now more than ever.

NFTY is entering its 81st year as a youth movement and is now at a pivotal point in our existence. As a result of COVID-19 and the changing world, NFTY is on the cusp of a new chapter. As alumni, we have all contributed to NFTY’s story, building a foundation that the current and future NFTYites will add to. Given your contributions as a NFTY alum, we want to invite you to share your experience with us to help draft the next chapter of NFTY’s story.

As we begin this new chapter, please join in partnership with NFTY teens and participate in Think Tank Meetings throughout the summer. To join in the conversation and learn more, visit These Think Tank Meetings will be held between June 15-July 3.

Join a Think Tank

Please partner with us as we continue the important work of engaging Reform Jewish teens.


NFTY Leadership Team

Introducing the URJ Youth Organizing Team

Introducing the URJ Youth Organizing Team

We have no doubt that the future – indeed the present – of the Reform Jewish Movement requires teens to lead us forward. Young people innovating and creating transformational Jewish experiences have always been a hallmark of Reform Judaism. We have witnessed the...

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Announcing the 2022-2023 NFTY Staff

The NEW Reform Youth Movement Staffing Structure and Open Positions!  We are excited to share the new staffing structure for NFTY – the Reform Youth Movement!   Our new integrated approach leverages the full strength of NFTY, camps, synagogues, Israel Immersives,...

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2022-2023 NFTY Camp-Based Retreat Schedule

We are excited to bring you the following camp-based NFTY events for the 2022-2023 year! These retreats, in addition to the network of local NFTYx experiences offered in partnership with our synagogue network, a collection of leadership workshops, and our North...

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Thoughts on the State of NFTY

Thoughts on the State of NFTY

By Lev Mosbacher, NFTY President 2021-22   NFTY is in a state of disrepair. We are not where we want to be. What this does not mean is that NFTY is going to disappear from existence. It does not mean that we do not have many dedicated teen leaders who continue to love...

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