Blog  NFTY NE Fall Conclavette (FONC) Recap

NFTY NE Fall Conclavette (FONC) Recap

NFTY Northeast’s Fall Conclavette (FONC) was a 3 day long event that was held from November 13th to November 15th. In the past, Fall Conclavette has been hosted by one Temple Youth Group (TYG) and attendees stayed at the congregation members’ homes. As with all things 2020, this amazing event was held virtually. Instead of asking one TYG to plan and lead the entire event, NFTY-NE wanted to involve as many people as possible in the planning process, so we asked multiple TYGs to plan and lead individual experiences.

The theme for the event was TYG Empowerment and each TYG created and led an activity during FONC. The TYGs were able to create fun and interesting experiences that were also informational and impactful.

The weekend consisted of nine virtual gatherings, including mixers, spiritual experiences, programs, services, and asefah (regional board meeting). It was incredible to see familiar faces from past events and new faces! We were thrilled people chose to make this their first NFTY-NE event! 

Although this year has not been what we thought it would be, NFTY-NE’s virtual events have made it possible to see each other, learn more about our community, and hopefully make connections with new people, even if it was in a different setting than we are used to. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Read about FONC from those who helped created and participated in it! 

Designing a program for this year’s Fall Conclavette was a great experience, all the way through to the event itself. I loved brainstorming ideas with my TYG board. The official planning of our scavenger hunt activity was easy and stress-free. The NFTY-NE regional board helped guide us through the steps, but in the end, we were able to plan, design, and lead the mixer on our own, with full confidence. Everyone in my break-out room seemed to love it - as did I, along with the other members of my TYG who helped to lead the event - and I would gladly do it again. - TeCSY Member


When we were asked if we wanted to participate in leading something for FONC, we were immediately excited. We don’t get to do teen services frequently at our Hebrew School program, so we were really excited about the opportunity to lead one. We wanted to make the service more personal, which we did by letting people choose their own adventure. We loved getting to lead a service and we were so glad that so many people from NFTY-NE came out to join us! - BESTY Member


Hi everyone! I am Alina Chatsman from PONY and I hosted one of the two Spiritual Experiences (SE) at FONC! For my SE, I wanted to do a calm activity about Jewish values that we can use to make our community a better and more inclusive space for everyone. A color was assigned to each value. As I explained what each value was, people drew what they thought of. Then, at the end of the activity, everyone put their artwork into a slideshow that I created! I loved seeing everyone’s beautiful art, and I loved seeing how people think about community! - PONY Member


I, Tegan Bermas, and another member of my TYG , were asked to help create a program for FONC this year! I was excited as I’d never been a part of the behind the scenes of NFTY. SHASTY’s president, Maddie Fox, introduced me to what she and others had already accomplished and what we had left to do. I was AMAZED at how much work is put into planning NFTY events. I only did a portion of the work, but loved working with Maddie on zoom to figure out the details of our program. The opportunity was really cool and now I have an entirely new perspective on how much time goes into each NFTY event. - SHASTY Member


We  led a climate change program and explained the effect on Judaism using interactive games and activities, like a Kahoot and a slideshow. We went over Jewish texts, the root causes of climate change, and how one can effectively advocate! We introduced the Jewish Youth Climate Movement to other TYGs, which we think is a great next step in helping in the fight against climate change. Overall, it was a super engaging and informational program! - LEFTY Member


Creating a program for FONC was such an amazing opportunity.  After the disappointment of Spring Conclavette being cancelled last spring due to COVID, it was awesome to have another chance to lead the region. We wanted to involve as many people as possible from our TYG so we created a small committee to brainstorm together. I think the outcome was awesome and it was great to see the region all together. - WAFTY Member


I had a lot of fun at Fall Conclavette and I loved the TYG centric theme. The programs were so creative and diverse, ranging all the way from identity to the environment. The services were incredibly meaningful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the event. - Xan Maddock-Mark, BCTY class of 2021


Virtual FONC is definitely my favorite virtual event so far! It was such a treat to be able to see everyone again as well as to experience all the amazing programs led by different TYG’s. Seeing new and old faces virtually really reinforces the undeniable feeling that this community is so special. Even with many barriers between us, NFTY-NE came together to create a truly unique experience, that is filled with all the smiles, warmth, and passion that is typical of the region. - Spencer Evans-Cole, The Shalomites class of 2022


Virtual FONC this year was spectacular! I had gone to some of the previous virtual events this year, and I was amazed at just how much each TYG put thought, care, and love into each program. - Zoe Kramer, LEFTY class of 2023

If you were unable to attend FONC or if you already miss the NFTY-NE community, don’t worry because December 27th to December 29th NFTY-NE will be holding its annual December Institute over Zoom for FREE!  December Institute is known for its amazing Junior and Senior leaders helping to create the event and that is not about to change. If you want to see who will be helping out with this year’s December Institute click here. Registration is not up yet but if you click here a video will appear to help you register for the event on RJ on the GO once registration is open!