There are several documents on this page that can help you better understand NFTY and its policies. Browse through the encyclopedia, look up the definition of some word you heard at your last NFTY event in the NFTY glossary, read and understand the B'rit K'hilah , and learn about the resolutions that have been passed starting in 1939.

Downloadable NFTY Documents

NFTY Constitution

Choveret Nohalei Asefah - NFTY's Rules of Order
A Guide to the Parlimentary Procedures of NFTY

NFTY Resolutions Encyclopedia
This document contains all of the resolutions passed by the NFTY General Board since 1939.

NFTY's Brit Kehillah - Code of Conduct

NFTY Glossary
A glossary of terms used by NFTYites and found on

Madrich Hachlatot
A Guide to Creating Legislation for NFTY Business Meetings