netzerlogoNetzer stands for Noar Tzioni Reformi (meaning 'Reform Zionist Youth') and is the International Reform Zionist youth movement, home to thousands of young people in a range of countries spread over four continents. Netzer Olami (meaning 'Worldwide Netzer') is based in Jerusalem and is the central, headquarters for all of Netzer's snifim (branches) around the world. Netzer currently has snifim in the following countries: Britain (RSY-Netzer and LJY-Netzer), Holland, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, Baltic Countries, Netzer Israel (Noar Telem), and North America (NFTY).

We also have ongoing relationships with Reform Jewish youth in Chile as well as with the early stages of developing snifim in Brazil and Switzerland.

In the various snifim, we run weekly meetings, summer and winter camps, residential Shabbatot, hadracha (leadership) training events, activism days, study events and seminars and much, much more. Netzer Olami works to bring together all of these young people in both ideological and practical ways, especially in Israel. We encourage as many chanichim (members) as possible to come to Israel on short term summer tours, on our long term leadership program, Shnat Netzer, and on various other seminars and conferences. We also help to provide shlichim (educational emissaries) to several of the snifim, people who go over for a few years to help the young people run their movement in their own countries.

As a youth movement we believe in youth empowerment and in young people running things for themselves. A central feature of our snifim is that young people organize and run the activities themselves, as well as taking responsibility for the major decisions affecting the movement. Each year in Israel there is an International Veida (Conference) where policy for the whole movement is set by the young people who constitute its leadership.

As a youth movement, we also believe in a particular ideology, that is Reform Zionism, and we believe in taking an activist stance, striving to bring about the practical realization of that ideology in our world.