Netzer stands for Noar Tzioni Reformi (meaning 'Reform Zionist Youth') and is the International Reform Zionist youth movement, home to thousands of young people in a range of countries spread over four continents. Netzer Olami (meaning 'Worldwide Netzer') is based in Jerusalem and serves as the headquarters for all of Netzer's branches (sniffim) around the world. Meet Netzer Snifim Around the World

NFTY is Netzer’s partner in North America. We share common values, and both work to advance Progressive Judaism in our respective areas. Every year, our leadership joins together at Netzer Veida, a leadership summit in Israel. Netzer even runs a gap year program open to NFTYites called Shnat Netzer.

Both NFTY and Netzer believe in youth empowerment and in young people running things for themselves. A central feature of Netzer snifim is that young people organize and run the activities themselves, as well as taking responsibility for the major decisions affecting the movement.

While Netzer’s most recently updated platform contains 14 operatives, the ideology is set forth in four main pillars that help guide chapter programs, including NFTY events.

  • Liberal Judaism
    Liberal Judaism influences what we do and is the driving force behind much of our ideology. Our prayer and religious programs are progressive and accepting, and constantly adapt to keep up to date with the Reform Jewish movement.
  • Progressive Zionism
    We are a Reform Zionist Youth movement, who encourage our members to develop a personal relationship with Israel.
  • Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)
    We strive to be active in our commitment to Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) on all levels, from self (Tikkun Atzmi) to social action on a range of communal and global issues.
  • Youth Empowerment
    Youth Empowerment is fundamental to the running of our Youth Movement. Camps and programs are organised and ran by youth members, for youth members.