Maya Levy, NFTY President

Maya Levy is from Tucson, Arizona in NFTY-Southwest. Maya’s passions include face masks, chanting Torah, going to art museums, painting, watching The Prince of Egypt, and baking banana bread weekly (with chocolate chips and pecans). Maya is excited to spend a gap year working to strengthen NFTY and ensure its continued success in changing lives.

“NFTY has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Because of the movement, I have more confidence in who I am - both as a leader and as a Jew. NFTY has given me opportunities to explore my passions and expand my understanding of pressing topics. It has helped me find my best friends and family from across the continent. It has kept me happy and hopeful for a bright Jewish future. I cannot imagine my life without this incredible NFTY experience, and I wish that each person could be able to experience its magic.”