North American Staff

Ruben Arquilevich

Vice President
Camping, NFTY, and Immersives


Michelle Shapiro Abraham

Director of Learning and Innovation
Youth, Union for Reform Judaism

Ilene Ausubel

Director of Development, Youth

Lynne Butner

Director of NFTY Engagement

Erica Quamily

Program Manager, Learning and Innovation, Youth


Abbye Fogel

Assistant Director, Youth Finance

Regional Staff

Naomi Looper

Regional Director
NFTY Chicago Area

Emma Silver

Regional Advisor
NFTY Central West

Barak Malkin

Senior Regional Director and Urban Mitzvah Corps
NFTY Garden Empire

Jessa Cameron

Regional Director
NFTY Mid-Atlantic

Beth Lipschutz

Regional Director
NFTY Missouri Valley

Josh Squire

Regional Advisor
NFTY New York Area

Joie Magnone

Regional Advisor
NFTY Northeast

Dori Singer Zoot

Regional Director
NFTY Ohio Valley

Max Hendrix

Teen Engagement Director
NFTY Northern

Adam Griff

Senior Regional Director
NFTY Southern Area

Amanda Wachstein

Senior Regional Director
NFTY Pennsylvania Area

Rachel Dubowe

Regional Advisor
NFTY Southern California

Sarah Tucker

Regional Advisor
NFTY Southern

Erin Wynn

Regional Manager
NFTY Southwest and California Camps

Julie Marsh

Regional Director
NFTY Southern Tropical

Lauren Bernstein

Canadian Youth Engagement Director
NFTY Northeast Lakes

Ethan Lane-Miller

Ethan Lane-Miller

Regional Director
NFTY Texas-Oklahoma