North American Staff

Ruben Arquilevich

Vice President
Camping, NFTY, and Immersives


Michelle Shapiro Abraham

Director of Learning and Innovation
Youth, Union for Reform Judaism

The NFTY staffing model is in transition, preparing for a restructure for the 2022-23 year. As such, we have Area Managers, Volunteer Board Coaches, and Paid Board Mentors supporting NFTY across North America. Learn more about our transition process and the vision for our future.

To contact a regional leader, please visit our “regions webpage” for email addresses or email if you need assistance.

NFTY Area Managers

Stacy Bernstein

NFTY Midwest Area Manager

Julie Marsh

NFTY North America Manager
Acting NFTY West Area Manager

Board Coaches and Board Mentors

We are grateful to the incredible team of Volunteer L’Dor V’Dor Board Coaches and Paid Board Mentors who continue to step up and support NFTY. Our L’Dor v’Dor Volunteer Board Coaches give 1-2 hours a week of their time to support our teen leaders. Our Paid Board Mentors provide 8-10 hours a week, as well as retreat support, to support their region.

In addition to these two roles, we have an amazing network of synagogue partners and certified NFTYx leaders who support NFTY locally. Learn more about volunteering with NFTY and join our team!

West Area
NFTY-CRW - Mike Friedman (Board Coach)
NFTY-SoCal - Matt Ghan (Board Coach)
NFTY-SW - Matt Wall (Board Coach)
NFTY-NW - Eian Snyder (Board Mentor)

Mid-West Area
NFTY-CAR - Elyse Kort (Board Coach)
NFTY-MI - Andi Vicksman (Board Coach)
NFTY-MV - Alyssa Guller (Board Coach)
NFTY-OV - Stephanie Blumenthal (Board Coach)
NFTY-NEL - Kathryn Fleischer (Board Coach)

East Area
NFTY-NAR - Rose Snitz (Board Mentor)
NFTY-NE - Devon Barker (Board Mentor)
NFTY-GER - Jason Flatt (Board Mentor)
NFTY-MAR - Hannah Demick (Board Mentor)
NFTY-PAR - Will Saltzburg (Board Mentor)

South Area
NFTY-SAR - Jessie Schwartzman (Board Mentor)
NFTY-SO - Sarah Bate (Board Mentor) & Lexi Chavin (Board Coach)
NFTY-STR - Jessie Schwartzman (Board Mentor)
NFTY-TOR - Ethan Lane-Miller (Board Mentor) & Morgan Ducar (Board Coach)