Lynne Butner, Director of NFTY Engagement

Lynne ButnerLynne Butner is the Director of NFTY Engagement. Lynne has been empowering Jewish teens for over 20 years to be leaders in their communities, agents for change, and to develop strong Jewish identities. She believes that having a strong, supportive Jewish community during formative high school years sets teens up to be engaged Jewish adults. Lynne will soon be celebrating her 18th anniversary working with NFTY-Southwest and is the longest standing Regional Staff working in NFTY at this time.

Lynne has mentored over 100 teens and, in addition to her work with NFTY, has worked with high school students as the Director of Summer Programs at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center and with pregnant and parenting teens in California and Arizona.

Lynne holds a BS in Human Development from the University of California at Davis and a Masters in Social Work from California State University, Sacramento with a focus on Mental Health.

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