Shalom NFTY Leaders,

We are thrilled to usher in this year of leadership with you. As we look forward to creating and shaping the future of our movement together, we invite you to NFTY Mechina 5780.

Mechina is an important event that is part of our NFTY history; an event that was attended by your predecessors and predecessor’s predecessors, and has been in constant evolution. We could not be more excited to welcome you to add your voice and legacy to a historic Mechina experience. Although this Mechina will look different than in the past, our dedication to you and NFTY leadership will not waiver. Mechina will be a virtual event experience from June 12-18, and will be filled with leadership development, network time, think tank sessions, a meaningful Shabbat, the installation of the NFTY North American Board of 2020-2021, opportunities to get to know your fellow leaders, and plenty of time to have fun!

A staple of Mechina is Asefah. This year’s Asefah will look different than in year’s past. We will still be moving NFTY forward and making changes through the form of think tank meetings about NFTY’s future. We are looking forward to making change hand-in-hand with you (virtually).

Additionally, Ruach Bonanza is a Mechina favorite. Ruach Bonanza is a celebration of each individual region, and will be a time to have fun and laugh together. Your Regional President will be in charge of coordinating your region’s act at Ruach Bonanza.

Schedule and Registration Here

In addition to programming solely for you as a Regional Board member, we will host opportunities throughout the week for you to invite other leaders from your region to learn and grow with us. Schedule items with an asterisk (*) are open to all NFTY Leaders.

We know how hard you have worked to get here and have seen your immense dedication to NFTY. As we embark on a year of growth and opportunity together, we will use those tools to propel us forward.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!


Fletcher Block | NFTY President 5780-5781
Maya Levy | NFTY President 5779-5780


Items with an asterisk (*) are open to all NFTY Leaders.  Other sessions are reserved for NFTY General Board, please.


June 12 -  General Board Mixer  ------------- 7:00 pm ET

Meet your fellow General Board members and gear up for a week of leadership and fun!


June 12 -  Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Shira* -------------- 8:00 pm ET

Let’s welcome in Shabbat with a teen-led service and song session!


June 13 - Shabbat Study - What Judaism Teaches Us About Change* -------------- 1:00 pm ET    

Learn about how to be in a positive relationship with change through Jewish texts and Torah.  This session is highly recommended for all NFTY General Board member to attend!


June 13 - Havdallah and Installations* -------------- 8:00 pm ET

Join us in saying L'hitraot to a generation of leaders and ushering in a new one!


June 14 - Asefah -------------- 4:00 pm ET

Make a difference in the future of NFTY!


June 15 - Leadership Luncheon/Breakfast -------------- 1:00 pm ET

Bring your breakfast or lunch and hang out with Mechina participants.


June 16 - Structured Free Time -------------- 2:00 pm ET

Make a difference in the future of NFTY!


June 15-17 - Network Time -------------- After 5:00 pm ET
(Timing to be decided by your network)

Learn and grow with your North American Network!

President Network Meetings ------ 9:00 pm ET

PVP Network Meetings
Monday, June 15th ------ 7:00 pm ET
Tuesday, June 16th ------ 5:00 pm ET
Wednesday, June 17th ------ 6:00 pm ET

SAVP Network Meetings
Monday, June 15th ------ 8:00 pm ET
Tuesday, June 16th ------ 9:00 pm ET
Wednesday, June 17 ------ 9:00 pm ET

RCVP Network Meetings -------- 7:45 pm ET

MVP Network Meetings ------- 7:00 pm ET

CVP Network Meetings  ------- 6:00 pm ET

FVP Network Meetings  -------- 7:30 pm ET


June 18 - Leadership Learning Sessions* -------------- 5:00-7:00 ET

Let’s come together and learn more about leadership!
Session options include:
Social Currency
Approaching Conflict and Standing up for Your Beliefs
Building a Team
Disney Leadership
How to Talk so Adults will Listen
7 principles of Jewish Leadership
Racial Justice

We will have 3 program rotations and most programs will be offered 2x and some only once.


June 18 - Ruach Bonanza* -------------- 8:00 pm ET

It’s time to celebrate our growth this week and have fun together!