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Here's what happens when 1,400 Reform Jewish teens, young adults, and congregational leaders come together.


Review the presentation: Religion and State in Israel

Consider these 6 questions:

  • What does it mean to be Jewish in the Jewish State? Is Israel a Jewish State or a State of Jews?
  • What would you suggest to the Reform movement in Israel to help overcome some of its challenges?
  • Should religion and state be separated in Israel similar to the Jeffersonian model set up in the United States?
  • In which elements of religious life should the government have a role?
  • Is Judaism compatible with democracy?
  • What is more important – obtaining full recognition by the Israeli government for the Reform movement or a complete separation of religion and state where the government does not recognize any religious movements.

View photos from NFTY Convention

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Closing Plenary

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Closing Plenary

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Making a Difference Around Chicago

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Making a Difference Around Chicago

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Creative Expression Labs

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Creative Expression Labs

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - URJ Youth Summit

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - URJ Youth Summit

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Social Justice Workshops

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Social Justice Workshops

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Saturday Evening Plenary

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Saturday Evening Plenary

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Shabbat Morning

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Shabbat Morning

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - Friday Night Shabbat

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - Friday Night Shabbat

  • #NFTYConvention2017 - Arrivals & Opening Plenary

    #NFTYConvention2017 - Arrivals & Opening Plenary

  • #NFTYConvention 2017 - We've made it to Chicago!

    #NFTYConvention 2017 - We've made it to Chicago!
    NFTY Convention staff waiting at the airport for participants to arrive!

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