This guide will orient you to the event planning process.  As always, your regional director is the best resource on event planning and navigating the logistics.  Here you will find forms and materials needed week by week.  If you would like just the links to the forms, take a look in the Program Materials and Support area. 

Only NFTY Certified Volunteers and NFTY Regional Directors can create NFTY678 events that are eligible for reimbursements of registration expenses.  If you are interested in becoming a NFTY Certified Volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Certification page.

Registration for any event labeled as NFTY or NFTY678 is housed on the NFTY webpage so it can be easily accessed by all participants. Follow this easy timeline to create your online registration, publicize your event, and to arrange your finances.

8-12 weeks before your event

  • Work with your partners, teen leaders, and your Regional Director to decide the details for your event including the cost per participant for the activities. Please make sure when you set your price that it covers extra costs such as the price for your chaperones and teen volunteers. In addition, the cost for all NFTY events must include a bit of overhead support for things like registration processing fees and staff support.  This will likely amount to an additional $3-$10 per person – depending on the overall cost of the event. All venues and events must be approved by your Regional Director before you can create an event.

6-8 weeks before your event

  • Fill out this registration worksheet with the event details. Please allow up to three business days for your event to be posted on your NFTY678 website for registration. You will receive an e-mail when the registration is posted that includes the link for participants to use.
  • * NOTE - our NFTY staff, based on your program and registration needs, will either create your registration form in our CampMinder registration system or our branded Wufoo platform. You will receive an e-mail letting you know which system was used and how to access the live registration entries.

4-6 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Publicize! Use our publicity tools and let all of your partner congregations know about your event. Ask your teens to meet with the target participants and talk about how much they love NFTY! Additional materials and ideas can be found in the NFTY678 group in the Tent.
  • Use the link to your NFTY regions main webpage and tell people to "click on upcoming events to register" (this way they see all of the great things NFTY has to offer!) If you need your NFTY region's main webpage address, please ask your NFTY Regional Director.

 3-4 Weeks Before Your Event

  • You will receive access to view and print your participant list with necessary medical and personal information. Please use this list to track your participants. Please reach out to your NFTY Regional Director with any questions.
  • If you would like an e-mail sent to a large group to publicize your event (like everyone who is currently registered or everyone who attended your last event) please use this form to send a bulk e-mail through the URJ system. Please allow up to two working days for the e-mail to go out.  You should not send bulk emails to participants from your personal email address.
  • You can also always ask your congregations to send publicity e-mails to their students and families through their own e-mail systems

After your event

Immediately after your program, fill out the Volunteer-Run NFTY 678 Reimbursement and the Post Event Form.  Note- we will only be able to reimburse a per-person allocation to a congregation.  Reimbursement to volunteers must be accompanied by receipts.  In order to fill out this request, you will need to provide:

  • The person or congregation that the check should be made out to
  • Number of participants and cost per participant (if submitting a per-person allocation)
  • Receipts and program expenses compiled into one PDF (if submitting receipts)

Funds will only be given to one person or congregation.  Therefore, the person/congregation that receives the check will need to divvy out the reimbursements.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for you to receive your reimbursement check. Save your program receipts for your personal records.  

Lastly, send thank you notes to everyone who helped with your program and follow up with your participants thanking them for joining you and letting them know about future opportunities.