Mazel tov on forming a NFTY678 Sub-Region. We are excited to have you join us as we welcome 6th-8th graders to NFTY style programming in their local communities. As a registered NFTY678 Sub-Region you will receive support from our NFTY community and have access to special grants and programs.

Join the over 60 congregations already involved in NFTY678!

In many areas, NFTY678 is organized by Sub-regions. Sub-regions are geographically close congregations who, supported by URJ Youth staff, work together to create 3-6 local programs during the year.

Step 1: Talk to your Regional Director Your Regional Director will work with you to identify your neighboring congregations and help you create your sub-region.

Step 2: Have your first meeting Bring together your sub-region to decide your sub-region name, who will be seeking NFTY Volunteer Certification and decide on your first few events.

Step 3: Register your sub-region Once your sub-regional leadership has met, register your sub-region to gain access to registration  and other supports.

Step 4: Tell us about your congregation Ask each congregation in your sub-region to fill out this form and let us know more about your community and how we can support you.

Step 5: Choose your Adult Leader Each sub-region needs at least one NFTY Certified Volunteer. To become Certified, go through our simple on-line training.

Step 6: Choose your Teen Leaders Teens play an important role in NFTY678 and help create programming and mentor the younger NFTY-ites. Encourage your teens to go through the NFTY678 Teen2Teen Training.

Step 7: Plan Your First Event Use our planning tools, create your registration and more at on our Program Materials and Support page.

NFTY Certified Volunteers are - layleaders, congregational professionals, and NFTY alumni – who give their time to help run their NFTY678 sub-region.  Each sub-region needs at least one certified adult leader.

Thank you for your interest in being certified as a NFTY Volunteer. Level 1 Certification is easy, can be done from your home, and should only take 1-2 hours. Once you are certified as a Level 1 NFTY678 Leader you can:

  • Submit NFTY678 events to be posted on the NFTY Regional Website
  • Receive funds submitted online for event fees
  • Run a NFTY678 event without the NFTY Regional Director present

We are very excited to welcome you as a partner and look forward to working with you to launch NFTY678 in your community!

For Synagogue Professionals

For Lay and Community Volunteers

10th-12th grade teens work with Certified NFTY678 Volunteers, congregations and their NFTY Regional Directors to plan and implement NFTY678 programming.

  NFTY678 depends on you – as teen leaders – to help make it happen! Follow these easy steps and join the NFTY678 Teen Leadership community!

Step 1: Register as a NFTY678 Teen Leader Let us know you are interested in being a NFTY678 Teen Leader. Reach out to your Regional Director and inform them that you would like to begin the process.

Step 2: Teen-to-Teen Training Working with 6th-8th graders can be a lot of fun, but is a bit different than programming for 9th-12th graders. Watch these videos and take a look at the support materials to prepare for your work with 6th-8th graders.  In the support materials is a form where you will reflect on the training and start jotting down ideas for what you will be working on.

Step 3: Talk to the Adult Teen Mentor for your Sub-region Share your ideas, discuss what you will be doing, and decide together how to work with your 6th-8th grade community.  Your Adult Teen Mentor will help you plan your programs and direct you to resources that will be useful to your role.