Dear Rabbis, Educators, Cantors and Youth Professionals,

We are looking forward to having you and your community partner with us in implementing NFTY678 and building a NFTY678 sub-region. As a leader in your congregation you already know the importance of engaging your 6th-8th graders. We are excited to begin this journey with you and welcome your congregation to the NFTY678 community. We appreciate you taking the time for a background check and to review the NFTY policies and procedures. While many of the procedures may be familiar to you, we ask that you spend a few minutes reviewing them and sharing with your NFTY Director or Launch Coordinator any questions you may have.

- The NFTY Team

  1. SPEAK with your NFTY Regional Director or NFTY678 Launch Coordinator to make sure you understand NFTY678 and the role of the Adult Leader.
  2. COMPLETE this form to give us your contact information and begin the process.
  3. JOIN the TentThe Tent is the URJ version of Facebook and is open to URJ congregation members only. Once you join the Tent (it may take up to 24 hours to be approved) join the “NFTY678 group” where you will share and learn great ideas with adults and teens working with NFTY678.
  4. COMPLETE the background check formIf you have completed a NFTY background check in the last 12 months, please email to let us know. Background checks are required of all adults working with NFTY and URJ Camps, regardless of their role in congregations.

  1. READ the NFTY678 Adult Mentor Guide to review the NFTY678 program and learn the NFTY policies and procedures.
  2. EXPLORE the NFTY678 Teen2Teen Training site. Watch the videos, read the articles, add ideas to the notes in the Tent, and learn what your teen leaders will be exploring during their training. You do not need to fill out any of the forms -those are just for the teens going through training (though take the QUZZR in module 2– that one is very fun!)
  3. COMPLETE this form to let us know what you have learned and that you understand the policies and procedures.

  1. READ the instructions for creating event registration and receiving payments and make note of any questions you have.
  2. EXPLORE the NFTY678 Tent group Look through the various comments, notes and forms that the URJ and your colleagues have created. Feel free to ask any questions of the adults and teens in the group.

  1. REFLECT on what you have learned and share any questions you have with your Regional Director or NFTY678 Launch Coordinator. Complete this form to let us know you are ready to set up a meeting time.
  2. WAIT (just a week or two!) to receive an email confirmation that you have completed your training and a package by snail mail with your certificate and NFTY678 Leader swag.
  3. SHARE proudly on Facebook and with your community that you are a Certified NFTY678 Adult Mentor.