For a complete timeline and details on these links and forms, please use the Event Planning Guide

Use this general program flyer to publicize your program. If you create your own flyer, please upload it to the Tent with FLYER in front of it so others can benefit from your creativity!

Make sure if you are creating your own flyer that you follow the NFTY Logo guidelines

we strongly encourage you to have families register online for events. If possible, have an ipad or computer at the event for people who didn’t pre-register (assuming you can accommodate them.) However, if a few families are unable to register online, you can use this paper form and then input it into the system following the event.

Download the NFTY event paper registration

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Thanks to the generosity of the Woman of Reform Judaism, we are proud to offer NFTY678 Micro-Grants of up to $300 to help NFTY678 sub-regions with their launch costs. These Micro-Grants can be used for any costs associated with NFTY678, including, but not limited to:

  • Travel costs
  • Staff (such as hiring a song leader for a program)
  • Food or other program items
  • Give-aways/swag
  • Subsidies to lower the price of a program

In order to receive a NFTY678 Micro-Grant, you must:

NFTY678 Micro-Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. Please allow 1-2 weeks to be notified if you have received a grant.

Questions? Please reach out to your NFTY Regional Director or our NFTY Team at

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