Welcome to the NFTY678 Teen2Teen Training site!

All of the materials on this site were created by NFTY leadership or at the URJ Kutz Camp Summer Academy. All of the materials in the Teen2Teen Training site were created by NFTY leaders from across the country.

Who is this training for?
The training materials were created for teens who will be working with NFTY678 throughout the year and helping at multiple programs. If you are only helping at a single kallah or event, then you probably do not need to do the full training. Feel free to watch the videos or read the handouts, but please do not fill in the quizzes or answer the paragraph questions as these are part of the full certification experience only.

Do I need to complete all of the modules?
In order to be certified as a NFTY678 Teen Leader you need to complete all of the modules. The full training should take you 2-4 hours. You do not need to do it all in one sitting. Feel free to stop and then pick up the learning again when you are ready.

Should I do the modules in order or can I jump around?
Complete the modules and activities in order. The learning builds as you move through.

What happens to all of the questionnaires I fill out?
All of the forms you fill out will be sent to your NFTY Regional Director. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back, he/she is just watching your process as you move through the training!

What happens when I finish the training?
First, you will receive a certificate and some swag from the NFTY North American office. Then, you’ll be ready to lead NFTY 6th-8th grade programs in your region, be a part of the NFTY678 network, and can share that you are a “Certified NFTY678 Leader” on job and college applications.

Mazel tov on becoming a NFTY678 Certified Leader. With your swag and certificate, you are now able to share this accomplishment on college applications and resume. Below is some suggested language to help you –

NFTY678 Certified Teen Leader

Completed online training in health and safety, programming, and child development for 11-13 year olds. Once being certified I helped lead with an adult mentor___ events for ____ teens. I led social and educational programming and helped mentor and support the children.