1. COMPLETE this form to give us your contact information, begin the process and to commit
                to being a NFTYx Mentor.
              2. COMPLETE the background check form. Background checks are required of all adults working with NFTY regardless of their role in congregations or other background checks that you may have completed. We do background checks yearly, so please complete this form even if you have previously completed one for NFTY or URJ Camps.
                Please note that this form won’t work with the Safari browser.
              3. SIGN the NFTYx Volunteer Agreement. 
                Please note that this form won’t work with the Safari browser.



Get Started

ACCEPT the invite you will receive via email to The NFTYx Mentor group in Yammer  (Invite may appear in spam folder). Once you join this group you will connect with teens looking for adult partners.
It may take up to 2 business days to be approved after your background check has cleared and your volunteer agreement form has been received

SHARE information in the NFTYx Mentor group about what your interests and areas of expertise are.  Your first post should be a brief introduction to who you are. Share elements of your NFTY journey, your educational background, and current professional position. Then, write about your background in any areas you would be interested in helping program for. You can focus on one area specifically or many different areas. Try to include as many searchable phrases as possible in the post so it is as easy as possible for teens to find you.   Teens will use your introduction to determine if you are a match for what they are looking for and reach out to you.  You can also join different groups based on your interests and expertise.


START the Conversation! Here are some questions to help you get started.