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Ivy, NFTYx Mentor Atlanta, GA

"Serving as a NFTYx mentor has reminded me of the value and sanctity of the NFTY community. I feel so lucky to be a part of this initiative and reconnect with my roots through NFTY. During this year, which forced people to separate and disconnect, NFTY innovated to bring communities together, to build and foster relationships reaching across generations and geographic boundaries. I hope I have had as much of a positive impact on the teens as they have had on me!"

Matt, NFTYx Mentor Los Angeles, CA

"Our NFTY Teen leaders are excited, passionate, and ready to create meaning for their peers. To be a part of this magic and guide our teens is refreshing and soul filling in an indescribable way. Our teens are leading the way and creating a better tomorrow!"

What do NFTYx Mentors do?

    • Go through a short on-line training and a background check to ensure a safe space for all  
    • Work with 1-2 NFTYites (or a group) to plan and implement a virtual experience for their peers 
    • Share their expertise, interests, and knowledge while planning together 
    • Mentor and support NFTYs current teen leaders 
    • Attend the virtual experience as adult support 

How many hours does it take to serve as a NFTYx Mentor?

    • 1 Hour  Online training and application process to become  a NFTYx Mentor
    • 3-5 Hours | Average time to support planning of a single virtual experience
    • Mentors can support as many virtual experiences as they have capacity to Some mentors support one experience, some with many!

What background does a NFTYx Mentor need?

Most of our NFTYx mentors are NFTY alumni and/or synagogue professionals.  In some cases, they bring expertise in working with teens, or just meaningful memories of how adults supported them when they were in NFTY.  Others bring in knowledge in certain areas – such as social justice, innovation, group dynamics, comedy or art – and support teens as “experts” for their programs.  Most of all, NFTYx mentors bring a desire to partner with teens in dynamic relationships that support the NFTYite as they create meaningful experiences for their peers.  

How are NFTYx Mentor Matched with Teen Leaders?

After NFTYx registration and online trainingeach NFTYx Mentor will create a bio in the NFTYx Mentor group on Yammer.  When teens need a NFTYx Mentor for their programthey enter the Mentor Yammer group, read the bios, and choose who they would like to work with.  Additionally, NFTY teen leaders will often post information about upcoming events or idea and put out an open call for Mentor partners. NFTYx Mentors can comment on the post or reach out to the teen leader directly to offer support. 

What if a NFTYx Mentor is not available for a specific event?

No worries!  The mentor just lets the teen know that they are not available and the teen will go back to the Mentor group to find another mentor.