NFTYx Toolbox

The NFTY team has compiled a variety of resources to help make your planning process easier. We encourage you to check out the NFTYx Experience Planning Toolbox. Let us know if you have something that you think we should add to the toolbox! This is a living resource that we want to ensure is helpful to you!

Thank you for your interest in planning a NFTYx virtual experience.

Start planning now!

We are excited to share that NFTYx events will be shared on RJ on the Go*

NFTY will (a) promote your NFTYx experience; (b) manage virtual registration and share the RSVP list with you 24-48 hours before your experience; and (c) create a zoom room for your your experience. NFTY staff is also available for planning questions and support.

*RJ on the Go: An Interactive Platform for Jewish Engagement

RJ on the Go is a virtual space for people to spend time in live, interactive, communal experiences anchored in Jewish values, from the comfort of home and on a schedule that works for them. Available to URJ congregations and their members as a value-add of URJ membership, RJ on the Go represents large-scale virtual programming that individual synagogues could not create or sustain on their own. All NFTYx experiences will take place on RJ on the Go.

Before you start planning, think about what kind of experience or event you want to create.

Priya Parker takes a deeper look at how to create collective meaning in modern life, one gathering at a time. She is a master facilitator, strategic advisor, acclaimed author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters and the host of the New York Times podcast, Together Apart. Parker asks, "Why do some gatherings take off and others don't?" and shares three easy steps to turn your parties, dinners, meetings and holidays into meaningful, transformative gatherings.

Watch her TED Talk: 3 Steps to Turn Our Everyday Get-Togethers into Transformative Gatherings

NFTY is steeped in a rich history of social activism. Learn about how you can make a difference by checking out NFTY's social action topics and the Religious Action Center.

Reform Judaism has always been committed to creative worship and Jewish learning, mixing tradition and expression to form meaningful Jewish experiences. Learn more about worship and songleading in NFTY.

Use NFTYx Branding and Logos to help promote your experience. NFTYx regional logos are available on regional marketing pages as well.

NFTY tips for how to market your event

Online Etiquette

Phone Calls

Use Canva, your secret weapon for stunning design

NFTYx experiences should reflect the values of NFTY and Reform Judaism. All NFTYx Organizers are asked to sign a NFTYx Brit when they complete the event planning form.

Programming is key in NFTY because this is where connections and relationships are formed. When planning programming, we want to make sure participants are being engaged in an inclusive way. We want to create environments where relationships can easily foster themselves. Reach out to your regional board and use these resources to help you craft your program.

Programming 101

Guide to Groupleading

Programming Format


NFTY Programming Bank

NFTY is an inclusive place. NFTY fosters a unique social environment unlike school or other teen activities that allows teens to be who they are. NFTY events are most effective when there are no barriers or exclusions in the execution of the event. Inclusion is not a checklist, or a piece of legislation that doesn't guarantee implementation. Inclusion is a mindset, and is most effective when regional leaders think about planning from a human-centered point of view.

Watch this powerful video to learn 10 easy tips on how to be more inclusive.

NFTYx Adult Mentor Network is a space for NFTY alum and other adults who care about NFTY to partner with teen leaders on a variety of topics and share their expertise. Teen leaders can choose who they want to work with by reading alumni bios and interests. Learn more at

While joining the new Alumni Network if totally optional, we ask that all Adult Mentors complete the volunteer agreement and background check at least two weeks prior to their NFTYx experience.

Lynne Butner, Midwest: CAR, MI, MV, NEL, NO, OV

Rabbi Andrew Terkel, South: SAR, SO, STR, TOR

Jackie Kleinstein, West: CWR, NW, SOCAL, SW

Lynne Butner, Director of NFTY Engagement and Interim East Area: East: NE, NAR, GER, PAR, MAR