NFTY is a community of Reform Jewish high school students from across the United States and Canada. Participants build friendships, lifelong Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community building, spiritual experiences, social action programming, and youth-led programming.

All programs, from social to educational, provide an environment for teens to grow in a positive environment. The focus of a NFTY event is often based on an educational theme such as leadership, tikkun olam (repairing the word), and much more. Typically, there will be three or four programs in a weekend long event that center around these themes. Unlike a traditional learning setting, these informal educational programs combine the needs of many different learning styles through activities such as creative games, skits, art projects, and deep discussions which last far beyond the allotted time of the programs.

In addition to the educational programs, there are always mixers at the beginning of events to help integrate new NFTYites and create a warm welcome to the weekend. These programs help break the ice and get people laughing, talking, and forming friendships from the moment that the participants arrive.

NFTY programs offer a great opportunities for your teen to grow and develop their Jewish identity. NFTYites enjoy having the ability to learn about Judaism, and related topics, outside of the classroom and have great discussions with their peers. From generation to generation we watch as new Jewish leaders pass through NFTY—transforming their Jewish identities and developing a lifelong commitment to their Jewish communities.

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Visit your NFTY regional website to see a list of events for upcoming events for high school students.