Dear NFTY Leaders,

This summer marks the beginning of a new NFTY program year ahead as we invite all leaders within the NFTY regions to Mechina 5779.  Mechina is NFTY’s leadership training event for regional leaders.

Mechina 5779 will include innovative worship services, thought-provoking workshops, cross-continental networking, lively discussions and, of course, tons of fun. This event is ingrained in our NFTY culture. Attended by your predecessors, Mechina is an ever-evolving event. We could not be more excited to welcome you to add your voice and legacy to a long history of NFTY leadership. This year, Mechina 5779 will be held from July 21st through 24th at the URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY, after the summer session.

Integral to the weekend is the General Board Meeting, or Asefah. Asefah is unique to NFTY in that it allows for you, the Reform Jewish leaders, to shape the future of our dynamic movement. At this meeting, you and your peers have the opportunity to present and vote on legislation that will help guide NFTY’s growth and impact.

You are invited to begin thinking about possible resolutions, recommendations, or amendments you would like to bring to the table. If you would like to submit an item to the Asefah agenda, please contact Maya at no later than June 6th. More information about Asefah and proposing agenda items can be found in the NFTY Madrich Hachlatot (Guide to Resolutions) or the Choveret Nohalei Asefah (Rules of Order).

In recognizing there are many leaders who play a role in shaping each region and our movement as a whole, this Mechina will seek to lift up that leadership and give tools and insight into the NFTY year ahead. This particular Mechina will be planned in partnership with the Kutz NFTY Incubator participants.

We will offer traditional networks for your newly elected or appointed regional leaders, which will include:

  • Presidents
  • Programming Vice Presidents
  • Social Action Vice Presidents
  • Religious & Cultural Vice Presidents
  • Membership Vice Presidents
  • Communications Vice Presidents
  • Financial Vice Presidents

Incubator Tracks

We recognize that there are many leaders who play roles in shaping each region and our movement as a whole. We are encouraging each regional board to extend the Mechina experience to other leaders who also play an integral role in leading the region by inviting them to attend the event as well. Please plan to have a conversation together with your regional staff person in order to determine who might be a good fit for this opportunity.

We are also excited to offer, in conjunction with the RAC,  the Social Action Leadership Trip which will begin the evening of July 24th in Washington, D.C. This trip will draw on the experience of the outgoing and incoming North American Board members and leaders in the Reform Jewish community, and is open to three teen leaders per region.

Want to help define NFTY’s priorities for the coming year? The URJ Kutz Camp is also the home of the exclusive NFTY Incubator! In this incubator, participants will help create new gender inclusion policies, influence how we gather as a movement, and inform our approach to NFTY's calendar, the World Zionist Congress elections, and more. Teens in this program will also be part of leading Mechina. Kutz offers leadership training and professional development throughout its summer session, which will broaden your views of leadership within NFTY, and will complement the skills you will learn at Mechina. We really hope that you’ll consider calling Kutz your summer home and inviting your fellow NFTY leaders to do so as well. We will both be at camp this summer, and we would love for you to share this experience with us!

We look forward to welcoming you to 46 Bowen Road in just a few months.


Maya Levy | NFTY President 5779-5780
Lila Greene | NFTY President 5778-5779