Veida 2020 Candidates & Legislation

Candidates for President

Fletcher Block


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Fletcher Block is from sunny San Diego, CA and is currently the President of NFTY SOCAL. Fletcher has also served as NFTY SOCAL Membership Vice President, worked on various NFTY committees and taskforces, and is a URJ Kutz Camp alum. Fletcher loves relaxing in his hammock, spending time with friends, playing percussion in his temple’s teen band, and getting hyped for the next NFTY event!

Candidates for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Evan Lorant


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Evan Lorant is a Senior from Vancouver, BC, Canada. This year, he is NFTY-NW's Programming Vice President and is currently co-leading NFTY's Environmental Justice Task Force. When he's not serving a fierce lip-sync performance over FaceTime from his bedroom, he can be found reminiscing about his two summers at the URJ Kutz Camp, making promotional NFTY TikToks, or scratching-and-sniffing the colourful plastic Monopoly money of his Motherland. Evan’s favourite part of ProFo is “Setup Needed”.

Josh Rosenblum


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Josh Rosenblum is currently serving as the NFTY-SW Programming VP and is a member of Temple Chai in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s songled at many NFTY events and frequently leads services at Temple Chai. Josh spent the past two summers at the URJ Kutz Camp where he learned about leadership within NFTY and the reform movement at large. Outside of NFTY, Josh loves to watch baseball, hike, rock climb, and play guitar.

Candidate for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

Liana Friedman


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Liana Friedman is from Irvine, California and is currently serving as NFTY SOCAL Social Action Vice President. She is an alum of URJ Kutz Camp and Heller High, serves on the California Religious Action Center Leadership Team, and song leads for URJ synagogues in her area. Liana is also president of her school’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, loves chocolate chip cookies, and playing with her dog Cookie (no association to the food, just a cute puppy).

Olivia (Livv) Haut


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Olivia (Livv) Haut is currently a senior from Boca Raton, Florida. She is currently serving as RCVP on her board at Congregation B’nai Israel. While attending NFTY events, L’taken, Kutz Action and Advocacy Program, her highschool’s History and Law Academy, and interning for her district representative, Olivia has fostered her passion in seeking justice and equality for all! Her favorite things include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, sushi, twitter, Harry Styles, dogs, The West Wing and C-Span.

Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)

Leah Faupel


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Leah Faupel is from Roswell, Georgia and currently serves as the Religious and Cultural Vice President of NFTY-SAR. A two-time Kutz alum, she spends her sundays as a madrichah at Temple Beth Tikvah and is very involved in her TYG, HOTTY. She is a senior at Milton High School and is Co-President of the Jewish Student Union. She enjoys ice cream, singing, and playing Just Dance.

Josh May


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Josh May is a fun and energetic friend from Needham, Massachusetts. He loves to go to Red Sox games, have bonfires, and go on long, music filled drives. He attended URJ Heller High in his sophomore year and loves to travel. He spent the next two summers becoming passionate about NFTY and Judaism at URJ Kutz Camp. Next year he will be attending Michigan State University to pursue a degree in Hospitality Business. Go Green!

Madison Rosenfield


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Madison Rosenfield is a senior from Boca Raton, Florida, currently serving as NFTY-STR President. Aside from passionately seconding “Motion to Frank Ocean” at every Asefah since she was NFTY-STR RCVP last year, she can usually be found curating the perfect Spotify playlist, rhapsodizing about her summers at the URJ Kutz Camp, encouraging people to #VoteReform in the upcoming World Zionist Congress election, expanding her meme vocabulary, or learning more about the world around her.

Candidates for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Catherine (Cat) Orange


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Catherine (Cat) Orange is a senior from Sacramento, California and currently serving as the NFTY Central West Membership Vice President. Some of her favorite activities include shopping at Trader Joe’s and participating in local theatre. She also enjoys making new friends and cuddling her dog Finn. Cat’s favorite part of the day is the morning because she is sipping on an iced coffee and safely driving to school listening to an expertly curated spotify playlist.

Jacob Cohen


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Jacob Cohen is a senior from San Carlos, California, a member of Peninsula Temple Beth El, and a former CWR Fundraising and Merchandising Vice President. He currently serves as his TYG’s President, the CWR Constitutional Review Committee Chair and on the CWR Membership Cabinet. He is an alum of the Kutz Camp and Camp Newman and spends his non-NFTY time tap-dancing, reading comic books, teaching in his temple’s education program, and cuddling with his Goldendoodle, Ozzy.

Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

Hannah Finkelstein


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Hannah Finkelstein is an involved leader in NFTY SoCal. She has worked as a communications chair for 2 years and has loved learning in the environment NFTY has created. She is a member at Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas, California and is the CVP for her temple youth group, LoMPTY. Hannah is a total theater nerd and loves being both on and off stage.