NFTY Asefah 2022 Candidates

As you read through the candidate materials, you will notice that there are no candidates for some positions.  While this may make things feel a little uncertain, it is also an opportunity.  The newly elected NFTY North American board (with input from the outgoing board) will decide the future of these positions.  This is an opportunity to think about the position of NFTY President and NFTY leadership in general.


Decisions about the position of NFTY President will be made following elections in cooperation with the incoming and outgoing NFTY North American Boards.

Candidate for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Decisions regarding the Programming Vice President will be made following Veida.

Candidate for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

Daniella Abbott


Read Daniella's Letter of Intent

Daniella Abbott (any pronouns) is from San Diego, California and is currently 17 years old. She served as the NFTY SoCal SAVP, participated in a mental health internship, and goes to her Congregation regularly. In her free time she watches horror, talks to friends, and listens to Binchtopia.

Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)

Noa Apple


Read Noa's Letter of Intent

Noa (she/they) is a senior from Arizona. She has served as her region’s Religious and Cultural VP for two terms and was Head Songleader both in NFTY Southwest and her temple. Outside of NFTY, Noa can be found playing guitar, talking with friends, reading classic literature, and writing poetry. If they’re not doing any of those activities, then she’s probably advocating for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights.

Candidate for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Decisions regarding the Membership Vice President will be made following Veida.

Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

Arianna Walker


Read Arianna's Letter of Intent

Arianna Walker (she/her) is a junior from Arizona and is currently serving as NFTY Southwest’s Membership Vice President. She has been an active member of NFTY since 7th grade. When she is not engaged in NFTY you can find her making mosaics from 600 Rubik’s cubes, singing in the Phoenix Children’s Chorus, and 3D printing.