Adam Frank

NFTY Garden Empire

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Adam Frank is a senior from Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. He is thrilled to be serving as NFTY-GER’s President and has previously served as NFTY-GER Northern Recruitment VP, NFTY-GER New Member Chair, and OBOY President. Adam is an alum of Camp Harlam, Kutz Camp, and Urban Mitzvah Corps. He loves sharing NFTY with others and helping them find their spot in it. Adam is a pun-enthusiast, an avid Netflix-watcher, and thoroughly enjoys Jewish geography.

Nathan Rix

NFTY Southwest

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Nathan, or as he is known throughout much of NFTY, Keebler, is currently serving as President of NFTY Southwest. As an active leader in his Jewish community, he is passionate about NFTY. He grew up going to Camp Stein and has attributed his leadership ability to both camp and NFTY. He is a Senior at University High School and involved throughout his school, active in countless clubs and activities.

Lila Greene

NFTY Northwest

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Lila belongs to Temple Beth Am, where she works as a madricha, and is from NFTY-Northwest. In her free time she enjoys baking, making friends, and hanging out with her pug. Lila served as NFTY-NW’s Financial Vice-President and is currently serving as President. She is a member of two committees, a co-leader of the FVP Network, and her passion for progressive Judaism stems from eight summers at Camp Kalsman and two at URJ Kutz Camp.

Candidates for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Marissa Klass

NFTY Garden Empire

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Marissa Klass is currently serving her second term as the Programming Vice President of NFTY-GER, and is proud to have written this year’s Study Theme, “The Reform Jewish Voice in Action”. She is detail-oriented, and works to create meaningful experiences for members of her region. Marissa lives in sunny Marlboro, New Jersey, and prides herself on her self-proclaimed comedic genius, her extensive knowledge on prehistoric sharks and NFTY Program Format.

Max Palay

NFTY Southwest

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Max Palay is currently the Programming VP of NFTY-SW, enjoys mock trial, and has a deep love for Judaism. He’s spent seven years at Camp Daisy and Harry Stein in Prescott and last summer at URJ Kutz Camp where he found his passion for NFTY as a North American movement. When he’s not deep in work for NFTY or his school mock trial team, you can find him rewatching The Office or playing guitar.

Candidate for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

Zoe Terner

NFTY Southern Tropical

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Zoe Terner is a high school senior from Lake Worth, Florida with a fierce passion for bettering the world around her. An alumna of the URJ Kutz Camp, current Social Action Vice President of NFTY-STR, and Camp Jenny co-director, she has been honored and fortunate to use NFTY as a platform for social justice and change. When not doing all things NFTY, she can be found wearing her Rosie the Riveter socks at local protest

Alana Turnbull

NFTY Northern

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When Alana isn’t doing something NFTY related, you can probably find her hiking, hanging in a tree hammock, cross-country skiing, basically anything nature related. On that note, she’s coming up on her second “vegan-versary”. Aside from thinking about plants, she also spends a fair amount of time talking with Kutz friends from around the country. Born and raised in Madison Wisconsin, Alana moved to Cleveland this year and is looking forward to college this fall.

Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)

Garrett Layton

NFTY Southern California

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Garrett Layton is an adventurous fella, and a passionate leader. In high school, he was captain of his varsity water polo team, in the Model United Nations club, TYG President, and on his temple’s board of directors. He has used his time in NFTY SOCAL and at the URJ Kutz Camp to grow his understanding of religion, and wishes to give back what he’s gained as the next NFTY Religious and Cultural Vice President.

Micah Symons

NFTY Pennsylvania Area

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Hi, I’m Micah Symons from NFTY-PAR. I am currently serving as TREATY’s president and I’m an active participant in PAR. When not at a NFTY Event, I’m most likely at PNC Park cheering on my Pittsburgh Pirates or working at Target and the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh. I have attended URJ Camps Harlam, 6 Points Sports, and Kutz, and have visited Israel four times. Prayer and discussing Israel give me my Jewish spark.

Maya Levy

NFTY Southwest

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Maya Levy is currently the Religious and Cultural Vice President of NFTY-Southwest. She tutors students for B’nei Mitzvot, substitutes for her cantor, sings in a Jewish band, frequently reads Torah, studies Hebrew, and volunteers at a Jewish nursing home. Outside of the Jewish community, Maya plays tennis and writes for her school newspaper. Maya is passionate about the Jewish traditions and culture and is honored to be running for Religious and Cultural Vice President!

Candidates for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Ione Heigham

NFTY Northeast

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Hello! My name is Ione (eye-owe-knee) and I am from Arlington, Massachusetts. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, taking buzzfeed quizzes, and attempting to eat 10,000 calories in one day. Some fun facts about myself are that I know how to knit, I am a size 9 in women’s shoes, and I am a big fan of the Oxford comma. Lastly, my favorite texture is velvet.

Jacob Snyderman

NFTY Northeast Lakes

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My full name is Jacob Adam Snyderman, and I was born in St. Louis Missouri but moved to Rochester, NY at a very young age. My current classes range from Leadership Seminar, Jazz Band, Physics, Calculus and a few others. I have played the Tenor Saxophone for the past 7 years, I help out in 4 bands, I am also learning to double on the Clarinet. I am also a varsity athlete in Nordic Skiing.

Marni Israel

NFTY Chicago Area

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Marni Israel is a senior in NFTY-CAR where she is serving her second term as Membership Vice President. Additionally, she was a participant at the URJ Kutz Camp in 2016 and 2017, NFTY Convention 2015 and 2017, Veida 2016 and URJ Biennial 2017. When Marni isn’t at a NFTY event, you can find her watching sunsets, talking to her Kutz friends or participating in her school’s theatre program.

Matthew Warchol

NFTY Southern Area

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I’m Matthew Warchol and I’m a senior from NFTY-SAR. If you see me around Atlanta and I’m not at a NFTY event or with other NFTYite’s, I’m probably working at a veterinary clinic, volunteering with community organizations, or driving around in my trusty stick-shift truck. NFTY has been my home away from home for as long as I can remember, and I want to help everyone get the opportunity to have this experience.

Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

Zenobia Fried

NFTY Northeast Lakes

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Nobie Fried is a senior from Buffalo, NY. She’s been a dedicated participant in
NFTY­NEL for the past four years and currently serves as the regional CVP. Nobie has spent the past two summers at the URJ Kutz Camp, she majored in Ulpan Ha’aretz, Regional Leadership and was part of the Kutz Fellowship. In her free time you can find Nobie designing stickers on redbubble, doing Crossfit or spending time with her friends and family.