NFTY Asefah 2022 Candidates

Candidates for President

Lev Mosbacher


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Lev Mosbacher is from New York City, and is currently serving as NFTY-NAR’s President He has also served as NAR’s NYC Subregional Director, and is a proud alum of URJ Eisner Camp. Outside of NFTY, you can find Lev exploring Brooklyn, playing Minecraft or Terraria with friends, playing guitar, binging The Great British Baking Show for the fifth time, or falling down a YouTube blacksmithing rabbit hole.

Candidates for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Sam Goldstone


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Sam Goldstone is currently serving as the NFTY-NE Programming VP and is a lives Massachusetts. Along with NFTY, social justice and meaningful conversations, he’s a passionate lover of Mac and Cheese, sugary candy and staying up past 2 in the morning. In and out of NFTY, Sam sees himself as a teacher, attempting to make an indelible impact on as many future leaders as possible.

Candidate for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

The position of Social Action Vice President will be filled through an application process.

Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)

Owen Thomas


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Owen Thomas is a senior at in  the largest high school in the country. He currently serves as the NFTY-NAR Religious and Cultural Vice President, is a member of the Israel Education Task Force, and has led North American services and Israel programs. When not playing the bass, he can be found listening to his bops playlist, relentlessly Tweeting, baking chocolate chip pumpkin bread, or reminiscing about Israeli dance at Eisner. 

Candidates for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Riley Genevieve Miner


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Riley Genevieve Miner (she/her) is a senior from El Paso, Texas, and currently serving as NFTY Southwest’s Membership VP and TYG President after serving two years as MSTY’s MVP. When not connecting NFTYites with each other, she can be found meeting with her NHS cabinet, where she serves as the chapter secretary, at temple live-streaming services, reminiscing about her time at Kutz, or rocking a sick pair of crocs from her 10-pair collection!

Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

The position of Communications Vice President will be filled through an application process.

Hannah Finkelstein


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Hannah Finkelstein is an involved leader in NFTY SoCal. She has worked as a communications chair for 2 years and has loved learning in the environment NFTY has created. She is a member at Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas, California and is the CVP for her temple youth group, LoMPTY. Hannah is a total theater nerd and loves being both on and off stage.