Racial Justice Resources

Getting Started

Reflect: Learn and Disrupt Your Thought Patterns

Relate: Change Your Behavior

  • Explore and share the guides to allyship we reflected on during our call. You can find them on instagram at @officialnfty and @theracgram.
  • Begin having difficult conversations with white friends and family about racism and inequality. This resource on countering the language of “being colorblind” has great language for explaining why that stance is problematic.
  • Think about how you can use your privilege, skills, and platform to support anti-racist work.
  • Open your eyes to see and call out systems of oppression, rather than seeing racism as individual actions.

Reform: Take Action

  • Follow activists and social justice organizations in your community, so you have the latest news about actions, policies, and protests in your city.
  • When a racist incident occurs, take care of your friends of Color, call out racism, and show up as an activist – in your actions or in person at marches (safely).
  • Take part in justice efforts led by communities of Color. Join the NAACP’s #WeAreDoneDying campaign, a multi-pronged effort that reminds us, “As the world faces unprecedented times and new realities during this global pandemic, and incidents of hate and domestic terrorism are perpetuated leading to routine brutalization of African-Americans, the health and safety of [People of Color] are at an unparalleled risk.
    • The campaign includes a petition calling for justice for George Floyd, as well as action steps related to criminal justice, economic issues, health issues, and voting rights/access.
  • Contact your elected officials. You can use the RAC’s Legislative Action Center, or set up a virtual or in-district meeting with the people who represent you to share your concerns. You don’t have to be of voting age to be heard.
  • Join Every Voice, Every Vote, the Reform Jewish Movement’s 2020 nonpartisan civic engagement campaign. Protests and activism change history – AND we need people in office who are going to legislate long-term change, justice, and equity.