What is the NFTY program bank?
The NFTY Program Bank is a library of the best programs that NFTYites or staff have written and run either in their regions, at camp, or during a NFTY North American event. The Program Bank is a great place to look for programs to run in your own region or synagogue. It’s also a wonderful resource for sparking some creativity when writing your own.

Where do the programs come from?
The majority of programs and resources are written by NFTYites and are submitted by regional advisors. Many of these programs were run at NFTY regional events and these programs offer insight into what NFTYites across the country are learning and experiencing. In addition, some of the material is written by the NFTY North American Board and NFTY staff.

Why do some programs look different than others?
Not every program is written using exactly the same format. NFTY Program Format (the official programming format of NFTY) has evolved and changed over the years. More recently, NFTY has added a number of components to the format to assist in writing and running programs. To see the most up to date NFTY Program Format. We encourage everyone to follow this most recent format when writing new programs.

How do I use these programs?
While the NFTY program bank is a resource that you can use to aid in the creation of your own programs, you are more than welcome to run the programs as they are. When you download a program with the intention of running it, please make sure to discuss with your advisor how your youth group can adjust the program to fit your audience. There may be parts of the program that need to be altered based on the size of the group, the facilities, or materials.

If I have a program I want to submit, what is the process?
Anyone can submit a program that they have run and feel is excellent. Make sure that your program follows the NFTY Program Format and send it to nfty@urj.org. Please include a brief evaluation of the program, the names of the authors and location that the program was run. W

I am looking for a program on *blank*, and I can’t find it in the program bank. Where else should I look?
We are always adding to the program bank to make it more complete. If you cannot find what you are looking for, there are several resources available to you: your TYG advisor, your NFTY regional advisor, and NFTY regional and North American board members. Lastly, feel free to e-mail the North American office at nfty@urj.org and we will be happy to help!