A TYG (temple youth group) is a local chapter or club designed to bring Jewish teens together with the goal of building a stronger local community of Jewish youth. They take careful planning and patience to set up, but once finished, TYGs can be a profound benefit to your wider Jewish community. The resources available on this website and in the NFTY TYG Starter Guide include valuable information about creating, organizing, and leading a TYG. They provide general details on what a “normal” TYG looks like; however, know that not all TYGs are exactly the same, so remember to think about how each of these strategies would look in your unique community when using these resources.

An important thing to remember about a TYG is that it shouldn’t be another “chore” to do. TYGs are meant to create opportunities for teens to have fun while learning about Judaism. Remember to have a great time! Your enthusiasm attracts others, and you want lots of people to know how great it is to be involved with your TYG!