NFTY's Temple Youth Group Starter Guide is your first step in creating heightened connections to Judaism, profound educational experiences and meaningful relationships for the teens of your congregation. It is our hope that this document serves as an effective roadmap for your adult and youth leaders as they join more than 450 other Reform Jewish congregations who support Temple Youth Groups, (TYGs).

This guide is meant to provide a working canvas on which you can paint the personalities of your own teens—there is no cookie-cutter model to TYG success. There are, however, fundamentals that have proven successful over the years. This document was created to encapsulate the very best of our best practices. We hope that this becomes more than a manual, but a working guidebook to help you cultivate and nourish your TYG.

Chapter 1: What is NFTYHistory, Goals and Values, Netzer Olami, Programs and Events

Chapter 2: Five Months to a Working TYGA month by month guide to starting a TYG

Chapter 3: Leaderhip Roles and ResponsibilitiesTYG Executive Board and Positions, Art of Leadership

Chapter 4: ProgrammingOverview, Groupleading, Program Format, Road Map

Chapter 5: Social ActionTips and Projects for your TYG

Chapter 6: Religious and Cultural Programming and ServicesGuidelines and Tips for Writing a Service and Religious Programming

Chapter 7: PublicityFliers, Hints, Phone Calls

Chapter 8: FundraisingWhy, How and Fundraising Ideas

Chapter 9: To Infinity and BeyondRealistic Goal Setting, Final Tips

AppendixEvent Checklist, Program Format, Membership Form, Mixers, Map, Dictionary