Responding to Hate in America: Taking Action After Charlottesville

Resources for Learning and Action

After Charlottesville: Contested History and the Fight Against Bigotry, created by Facing History puts Charlottesville in a historical context of the Civil War and Reconstruction.  If you would like additional materials from Facing History on this topic, please email to request them.

7th & 8th-grade multi-session module “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” This project-based learning module is part of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland’s Prism Project and explores the question “In what ways might our community act upon the biblical command to love your neighbor as yourself?”  This broad based program includes race relations, civil rights, social justice, women’s equality and LGBTQ rights.

8th – 12th-grade Curriculum on Anti-Semitism which is available for free download:  Created by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, this curriculum explores anti-Semitism both in history and current times.  Though written for classroom use, there are lots of wonderful resources and ideas for framing and approach that could be used in other settings as well.

Responding to Crisis Website from the JECC has a global focus and includes a wonderful collection of Jewish texts, links and resources for responding to crisis through a Jewish lens.

In the Anti-Defamation League’s Table Talk you will find resources, articles, program plans, and discussion guides on topics such as “What is Fake News,” “Combatting Hate,” and “Confederate Monuments.”

Southern Poverty Law Center  - Ten Ways to Fight Hate Community Response Guide has wonderful information on actions individuals can take now.

6 Ways to Take Action Now  is an article by Rabbi Jonah Pesner that gives ideas and resources for taking action through the Union for Reform Judaism.


Resources for Comfort and Reflection

We Will Not Yield: A Prayer for After Charlottesville by Alden Solovy

The NFTY North American Board Response to Charlottesville

Rabbi Tarfon used to say: You are not obliged to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it. - Pirke Avot 2:21

There may be a time when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. – Ellie Wiesel

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Continue the Conversation:

People wishing to be in contact with Charlottesville teens can email Davida at , or her temple youth group,

NFTY Racial Justice Campaign Ambassadors

Become a NFTY Racial Justice Campaign Ambassador and take action in your school, community, congregation or NFTY region.

#Be-The-Light-For-Justice by Julie Silver 2017

F               C

I’ll be the light for justice

G            C

I’ll be the light for love

F                     C

I’ll be the light shining in the dark

Dm7                        Dm7/G

Even when we’ve seen enough

F                       C

I’m gonna wake up every day

F                      C

And be a light where I stand

Am                    F

Reach out my hand

F              C

I’ll be the light for JUSTICE