The Bully Project

Today, the headlines surrounding bullying are so commonplace that we almost expect to see them when we pick up the newspaper or open a web browser. The level of severity and number of these stories are astronomical, and skyrocketing. While many schools across the nation are honing in on “the bullying problem”, this issue is not something to be solved only by the education system.

Bullying happens everywhere, all the time. So for the last 18 months, NFTY has taken a complete stand against bullying. We have programmed on it at the Temple Youth Group, regional, and North American levels numerous times in the last year and a half. We have responded to bullying of all kinds with our most recent Living NFTY Initiative that provides videos, articles, and other resources to help those interested in bringing about its demise. We have established an aura at our events of total acceptance and kindness. And we have equipped many teens with the proper tools to tackle bullying in their home communities.

bully-250pxThe documentary “Bully”, out March 30th, has been caught up in a wave of controversy around its rating. The argument is that the film should be PG-13, not R, so more people (specifically teens) can see it. However, NFTY feels that, regardless of the rating “Bully” ends up with, the best option here is seeing it as a family. Go together. Pick a night to see the movie and take this unique opportunity to open a discussion in your home about bullying. It is easy to leave this discussion for schools to handle, for youth groups to address, but the safety and comfort of your home is a beautiful place to bring up this difficult topic. As Hillel said, “If not now, when?”

It is clear that bullying is an epidemic. NFTY is proud to support “Bully” and looks forward to hearing about the conversations that take place in your family, conversations that will hopefully lead to the eradication of teasing, bullying, and harassment.

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Join NFTY and BBYO as we stand together to raise awareness about bullying and pledge to speak up and stop it. Take a moment and make the pledge to be a part of the solution.

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