NFTY has continually sought to promote an awareness of environmental considerations and environmentally responsible acts by integrating Jewish values, learning and actions that promote sh'mirat ha-adamah - protection and renewal of the world.

Throughout the year, NFTY and the Union for Reform Judaism are highlighting our many resources which assist in supporting greening efforts, including programs, publications, blogs, and more.

View Greening Reform Judaism Resources from the RAC

Learn about Mitzvah Corps: Social Justice Travel Programs for Teens


URJ Greening Reform Judaism
Read more from the Union for Reform Judaism.

URJ Grant Supports GreenFaith Pilot Program
The URJ and the RAC have teamed with GreenFaith for the Greening Reform Judaism Pilot Program. Eight congregations will complete their certification over a two-year period. Learn more and stay up to date on their progress.

Rules of Engagement: Greening Jewish Institutions
On E-Jewish Philanthropy, Ezra S. Shanken talks to experts who are "leading the green charge."

Travel Justly
Learn about the impact travel has on others and the world around us and help us all make more just travel choices.

Barnert Temple says, "Get Out(side)!"

The Living Eco Guide - Free iPhone App
Living ecologically is easy but furthermore living ecologically sustains our planet, purifies our bodies, and enriches our minds. In order to attain a more ecological lifestyle, changes will have to be made. This guide was written for you, learn and apply from it as much as you can to improve your life and our planet. App developed by Kibbutz Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology.


Ecology in Action
Program in which participants are divided up into lobbyists and legislature to learn about lobbying for environmental regulations.

Environmental Education Program
A program intended to provide a very basic environmental education on topics including: pollution, ozone, endangered species and recycling.

Introduction to Environmental Lobbying
A comprehensive program to learn about different environmental organizations and the obstacles against regulations.


Past NFTY Action Themes

Anavah: Humility - What do we really need?
NFTY Addresses Overconsumption

NFTY calls for NFTYites to consider questions such as: Why do we eat meat? Use Styrofoam? Leave our appliances plugged in? Drive the 5 minute walk to the supermarket? How could our synagogues and TYGs go green?

Shootfei Adamah: Partners of the Earth
NFTY Acts to Improve the State of the Environment

Shooftei Adamah: Partners of the Earth, centers on water issues, pollution, energy issues, and conservation from a social justice perspective.

National Day of Unplugging

NFTY and the Union for Reform Judaism participate every year in the National Day of Unplugging. 

5 Ways Unplugging Helps the Earth and its Inhabitants

How can your community/youth group unplug?

Need more ideas? Download the DIY toolkit to create an event for your community and download our unplug kit for kids, parents, teachers and other people. It's chock-filled with ideas for programs, marketing and an all around good time.