NFTY is an open and inclusive environment, encouraging teens to truly express themselves with no sense of falsehood, pretense or fear. As such, we strive to create inclusion in both our relationships with one another and with the resources and education we can provide to help others understand, learn, and grow from the beautiful ways in which our community is diversely represented. Below are some of those resources that we hope members in and around our communities will find useful.

From the RAC

Background on LGBT Rights
The struggle for LGBT equality is at the forefront of the civil rights movement. We see discrimination that is either condoned or approved by local and federal government on a range of topics from employment to marriage and immigration to adoption. Thankfully, we are beginning to see progress made, but there is still much work to be done.

Position of the Reform Movement on LGBT Rights
Jewish Values on LGBT rights and the perspective of the URJ and the CCAR on rights, inclusion, outreach, marriage, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Jewish Values on LGBT Rights
Each of us, created in God’s image, has a unique talent, with which we can contribute to the high moral purpose of tikkun olam, the repair of our world. Excluding anyone from our community lessens our chance of achieving this goal of a more perfect world.

Learn More about Gender Equality

In 2016, NFTY Mid Atlantic Region (NFTY-MAR) and NFTY Southern Area Region (NFTY-SAR), both regions that have active teens in North Carolina, took action to urge the governor to repeal HB2. This anti-LGTBQ law does not resonate with NFTY’s mission statement or principles. Please take a look at all the different ways in which NFTY takes action and takes a stand against this kind of intolerance.

Resolution in Support of Non-Discrimination in North Carolina NFTY-MAR/ NFTY-SAR Spring Kallot - April 16, 2016

Rejecting an anti-LGBT Law in my NFTY Region By Sam Ressin, NFTY-MAR SAVP 2015-2016 - On the RAC blog

Speaking Out Against HB2 in NFTY-SAR By Rachel Davis, NFTY-SAR Incoming SAVP 2016-2017 - On the RAC blog

About North Carolina's HB 2 Human Rights Campaign