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TGun violence photohere are teens dying as a result of gun violence. Most people don’t even react when hearing about another school shooting or gang violence in cities. It should never be normal for a teenager to have the threat of gun violence when attending school. It should never be normal for someone to be afraid of walking through his or her own neighborhood.

Over thirty-thousand people are shot to death in the United States every year, and we not only have the power to make a difference, but we also have the power to motivate those who believe it is unsolvable. It is our job as a Jewish youth movement to connect our peers to this very serious issue.

We hope to allow NFTYites to grapple with how gun control issues can solve gun violence, view social action differently, and understand the power of activism on a subject that is relevant now. With these accomplished, NFTY’s impact will strengthen the worldwide support for gun violence prevention.

Religious Action Center: Gun Violence Prevention
As the major advocacy group for Reform Jews, the Religious Action Center serves as an incredible resource for information regarding a number of issues, including Gun Violence Prevention. Take a look at some of the information they have put together.

Stand with NFTY for Universal Gun Background Checks
Tell Congress that you support the reintroduction and passage of the bipartisan proposal to expand background checks to cover all commercial sales, including at gun shows, on the internet, and in classified ads. By filling out this form, a letter will be sent to your state representative!

Urge your Members of Congress to support legislation to improve our background check system on gun sales
Currently, many people are still able to legally purchase guns at gun shows and online, even if they would be prohibited from doing so in a store. Urge your Members of Congress to support legislation to improve our background check system on gun sales, which would further prevent gun violence.

As we begin to work toward NFTY taking a stand on this important issue, here are just ten ways for you to make a difference right now:

1. Write letters, call, or email your legislators to demand that they take action

2. Sign a petition (local, state, or federal) to demand sensible gun violence prevention.

3. Post a tweet, Facebook status, or Instagram post with gun violence statistics (using the hashtags #NotOneMore and #NFTY)

4. Write an article about gun violence prevention for your school newspaper or neighborhood news letter

5. Work with your Rabbi to deliver a sermon or D’var Torah to your congregation

6. Write a program to educate your Temple Youth Group on the issue of gun violence prevention

7. Sign up for email updates from organizations that are doing great work with Gun Violence Prevention (The RAC, Everytown, Brady Campaign, Unload Your 401k and more)

8. Add names of gun violence victims to your regular congregational Yartzeit list

9. Make a video of yourself sharing your feelings and thoughts about gun violence and how we can prevent it

10. Make a pledge to not play violent video games that include guns

This is just a few ways to get involved. Have other ideas? Make sure to share them with us by tagging us (@nfty) in your tweets regarding Gun Violence Prevention.

Resolution Concern Gun Regulations
A sample piece of legislation from NFTY-CAR addressing gun violence.

Gun Violence Awareness Jeopardy
A game used to spread information to educate on the dangers of gun violence.

Gun Violence Program
A sample program run at NFTY-MAR Winter Kallah 2014.

NFTY Gun Violence Prevention Table Tents

NFTY GVP: What You Can Do

North American Board GVP Resolution

Peulah VI Gun Violence Prevention
A sample program from NFTY-NE's December Institute 2014.

Wear Orange – National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Wear-Orange-Logo-Colors-rectangularNFTY participates in Wear Orange on June 2, 2017 to call on everyone to work together to prevent gun violence. Join us and take action!

Learn more at

Taking Action Through Music

NFTYites in NFTY Missouri Valley joined Jewish musician Sheldon Low to sing Lo Yisa Goy, a song about bringing peace to the world. Watch them in action below, and download the chords here.

Listen to Lo Yisa Goy by Sheldon Low


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