We marched – now it’s time to act.

This page will be updated regularly as our student leaders set up more opportunities to make change, with the power of our movement behind them.

1. Join Claudia Levens, a senior in high school and our Illinois Religious Action Center Intern, when she goes live from the Peace March and Rally that marks the start of the March For Our Lives Road To Change bus tour across the country. You can join her in person in Chicago on Friday, June 15th or watch the livestream from NFTY’s Facebook Page.

2. Ask your clergy if you can take over the bima on a Friday night or Saturday morning, and share with your congregation why ending gun violence if important to you. Ask them about other ways you can make your voice heard and make this issue a priority in your synagogue.

3. Get involved with the Religious Action Center’s Civic Engagement Campaign and make your voice heard in the next election. One of the best ways we have to hold our elected officials accountable to our demands that we are safe from gun violence  in our schools and communities is through voting and civic engagement. You can lead the campaign in your synagogue, NFTY region, or community. Check out the toolkits and make a plan!

4. Call your elected officials. After you call, you can share this graphic on your social media, letting your friends know you called and how they can too, or print out this sign and take a photo of yourself with it, and post on social media letting your friends know you called.

5. Get educated and know what you’re talking about. Mom’s Demand Action put together this great guide to debunking gun violence myths that will come in handy when you’re talking to people who may feel differently than you.

6. Post your story and about the great and important work you’re doing in the world on social media using the hashtag #JewsDemandAction so we can amplify your voice.