People of all faiths, race, gender, and status, were hurt by the destructive natural forces of Hurricane Harvey. Members of our own community are both among those affected, as well as leaders in the support efforts. 

In times of need, all parts of the URJ have come together and are asking you to do the most. From providing support yourself or rallying your own community to donate to this cause, we must truly help those in need. 

When we work together, we make lasting change.

Resources for Learning and Action

Read the response from NFTY president Zachary Hermann, and learn next steps. 

Visit the URJ Mitzvah Corps page on disaster relief to educate yourself on the real challenges and nuances of the impact of natural disasters, so that we can be loud and effective advocates for support on a much larger scale.

Donations to the URJ’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund will support the work of NFTY-TOR’s own URJ Greene Family Camp, as well as that of other community partners.

We also recommend donations to the Jewish Federations of North America Hurricane Harvey Relief FundNECHAMA: A Jewish Response to Disaster, and The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation.