Many of the programs that we are sharing are written in the official “NFTY Program Format” style.

New to the NFTY Program format?  Learn more and find a blank template

Some helpful hints:

  • Most NFTY programs are written for 40-150 teens to take part at the same time. Have a smaller group? Just have less groups or do the activities all together.  Have a larger group? Consider having “parallel universes” – a fancy way of saying run the exact same program in two separate places at the same time.
  • PPs is short for “program participants” and means anyone who is taking part in the program as a participant
  • GLs are group leaders. These are the teens who are running the various groups and activities. Sometimes group leaders do something for everyone together, and sometimes they lead small group discussions or activities during the program.
  • Make sure you read through the entire program before leading it. Sometimes there is preparation that you need to do prior to participants arriving.

Religious Action Center: Racial JusticeAs the advocacy group for Reform Jews, the Religious Action Center serves as an incredible resource for information regarding a number of issues, including Racial Justice. Take a look at some of the information they have put together.

Repair the World: Act Now for Racial JusticeRepair the World is an organization that serves to help volunteers throughout local communities to connect with important issues.  Here, they are offering valuable methods of engagement and education through resources and discussion guides on Racial Justice.

Facing History and OurselvesA nonprofit dedicated to educating about racism, antisemitism, and prejudice, Facing History and Ourselves has a large bank of programs in their Resource Library. Each collection guides participants through an exploration of major historical moments and themes in order to contextualize current events.

Showing Up for Racial JusticeShowing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is a network of locally-based community organizers that mobilize, educate, and train white people to be effective allies and advocates for racial justice. They connect individuals around the country with opportunities to collaborate, build relationships, and take action.

The Story of Stuff ProjectStarting with a 20-minute online film, the Story of Stuff Project encourages individuals to replace "stuff" with "community," and build a society based on collaboration, understanding, and shared experiences. Their What Kind of Changemaker Are You quiz is another great tool to connect your personality with the right opportunities to take action.

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial JusticeThis step-by-step guide, Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice, developed mostly by Black, Brown, and People of Color, will guide your movement from "actor" to "ally" to "accomplice" in ways that empower you to follow the lead of the people you're supporting.

Operation Understanding

Watch: "Are you racist? ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer”

Mixed Multitudes: Nobody’s Free ‘til Everybody’s Free A Racial Justice Haggadah for Pesach

Upcoming Events

Mitzvah Corps Chicago – June 25-July 6, 2017Mitzvah Corps Chicago participants will use community organizing to tackle racial justice through the lens of relevant current events, including affordable housing, immigration, education, and more. They'll have the opportunity to experience the ways that grassroots organizing mobilizes communities to fight for justice, play an active role in enacting systemic change around issues in Chicago, and come away from the experience with the skill set to engage their communities back home.

Mitzvah Corps New Orleans – July 13-23, 2017Mitzvah Corps New Orleans participants will explore firsthand the ways that the design of the city, including its infrastructure, irrigation systems, and disaster preparedness and response, create deep socioeconomic and racial divides in the community. They’ll use the context of Hurricane Katrina to understand the tangible and lasting effects of institutionalized, systemic racism, and engage with inspiring leaders in various industries who are fighting for justice.

Mitzvah Corps Civil Rights Journey – July 23-August 6, 2017Active support of the ongoing Civil Rights Movement is an integral part of the collective Jewish identity. Participants on the Mitzvah Corps Civil Rights Journey will travel to communities that their peers have never heard of, hear stories of survival and resilience, and take an honest look at the complexities of racial inequality through the criminal justice system and beyond. These teens will not only follow in the footsteps of these incredible role models, but take a deeper look at contextualizing Southern history, innovative ways to combat inequality, and extrapolate these lessons to their communities back home.

Past Events

Facing Race ConferenceDelegates from NFTY CAR (Camp CAR) and NFTY SAR/STR (Camp Jenny) attended the 2016 Facing Race Conference in Atlanta, GA. Read this in order to learn about their valuable experiences and how to take action